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[How To] Block Unwanted/SPAM Emails at Gmail Account


One of my friend asked – “Hi rajesh.. how do u block unwanted email at gmail account? the steps please. not spam i just want to block it Foreverrr… drives me crazy thanks thanks…” I often get this question by many of my friends So I thought I must share solutions with everyone. I replied her – […]

How to Get Facebook Mail Invitations


There is a Big Buzz around New Facebook Mail service or better to say Facebook “The New Messages” Service which is supposed to be killer of all existing email services including my favorite one “GMAIL”. So Get ready for the NEXT big thing from Facebook and book your invitations at Here you can find […]

How to Delete Gmail Account


Last night my friend called me and asked how to delete a Gmail Account, I said why you needed to delete an account if somebody is bothering you then just block him or redirect his mails to trash, but she said Nooo…. I want to delete my account So I said fine here it is […]

Gmail’s new cool drag and drop feature for Labels


Just another reason why Gmail rocks 10 Reasons Why Gmail Rocks Multiple Inboxes Undo send (I use this ALL THE TIME!) Filters Keyboard shortcuts NavBar drag and drop Inbox preview Emoticons!!!!!!! Superstars Send + Archive Button New DRAG AND DROP LABELS!!!!!!!!!!!! by Kath