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[How To] Fix Facebook Custom Page Tab Icon Images Getting Changed After Being Uploaded


Today I was working with one of our client in New Facebook Page Timeline and It’s Custom Tabs Icon, I faced strange problem. Problem –  When I tried to upload new icon image for our tab it was showing some other icon image randomly selected from out of the blue moon.  Possible Reason – There […]

New Facebook Page Design – The GAME Changer


Two weeks ago in our SHU Community we were discussing about the Facebook’s Next Big change for Brand pages and how it may affect all of us. And today Facebook has finally started rolling out it’s 1st phase of Change, when I visited my page this morning Facebook notified me – “On March 30, 2012, all Facebook Pages will get a […]

How to Stop Facebook Chat Going to Messages [Tips]


It seems every time Facebook rolls out it’s game changing new features they force us to hate Facebook more and more as with every new feature they tries to capture as many as conversation of users, keep a record of it and later either make it public or use it for targeting us with their ads. They […]

The Flipkart Way! [Facebook Marketing Tips]


Today for any Digital Marketing company Facebook has become mandatory and unavoidable marketing channel with more than 750 million active users, almost every company is asking for or wanted to use it for their good, In our company (TechShu) too Facebook is among top 3 channels that our clients wants to successfully harness it’s potential […]

How to switch back to old Facebook chat or Hide Sidebar chat permanently?


It seems it’s not only me but all 750 million Facebook users hates new sidebar chat of Facebook. There are solid reasons why I hate it – 1. It shows offline friends – Why the hell they show offline friends if we can not chat them, than what is the meanning of chat box if […]

HELP – How to deal with a Facebook Fake Profile or Impersonation?


Today a friend of mine (gal) asked me – “Hi, someone has used my pictures to create a fake profile…i thought if you could help me…” She is the third friend of mine whose profile has been impersonified, So I thought instead of writing her I should blog about it so that others can also […]

Coolest Facebook Emoticons and Smileys


Today I was competing with one of my Facebook friend in chat on “who can make coolest Facebook emoticons or Facebook Smileys”. At first she was leading but later when I Googled I found good resource of Facebook emoticons here is what I found. I’ll be keep adding ASAP I find new one 😉   Emoticon       […]

Re: My Facebook Profile is Disabled :((


3 days back I found that I’m unable to login to my Facebook account, Later I found that it was disabled, I got in shock and awe mode, totally helpless I felt like some part of me is lost coz my 3 years of life logs, tons of images all were lost, I tried to figure out […]

How to find out when I joined Facebook?


Today I was looking for the exact date of my Joining Facebook and I didn’t find any answer Then I tried following two approaches – 1. Find the Joining confirmation Mail from Facebook – I got my exact Joining Date and Time 2. First Profile Image – I have already deleted that 🙁

How to Update/Clear link Description Cached in Facebook?


Recently I encountered a very unique problem,When I tried to share a link in Facebook it was showing it’s old description instead of latest description from the link. How Facebook select description for your link? When a link is shared in Facebook the description of the page is cached by facebook and the same description […]