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How to Stop Facebook Chat Going to Messages [Tips]


It seems every time Facebook rolls out it’s game changing new features they force us to hate Facebook more and more as with every new feature they tries to capture as many as conversation of users, keep a record of it and later either make it public or use it for targeting us with their ads. They are just thinking of how much relevant data  they can store and use it for targeting us back with ads but they are just not caring how the user will feel cause they don’t even keep an option to turn off the feature or turn it back to older one.

One of such new feature which is taking nerves of people these days is new Facebook Messages although it was announced way back in November 2010 but they are rolling it out in different phases and recently they have rolled it out to almost 60-70% of the users or may be more cause I can see almost everyone in my friend circle has got it. As expected users hated it like anything for two main reason –

1. Your all chat conversation saves in your Message box (I also hate it) – As Chat is something which people like to keep it private as they share many secret and intimate talks which they can’t in normal emails or messages. Also it makes your message thread soooooooooo long and messy.

2. All the messages under single thread (Although I like it) – People wants to keep their different conversation topics under separate threads they don’t want to club all their conversation of different topics under same thread.

Check out some of the sentiments  –

I liked keeping certain threads of messages seperate by the subject! I HATE how chats end in my inbox. I use the chat for one thing and messages for another. So confusing. Since facebook texting doesn’t always work, I can’t tell if the ones in the messages were supposed to be from texting or chatting…good heavens give us the option to go back!!! – Anonymous

Every time facebook is modified it get worse. We are used to this. But now you have brought it to a new level of complexity and uselessness. Conversations split in 2000 nameless new ones and God only knows following which criteria, messages in the chat appearing in the mailbox while you are talking, the chat itself showing messages of ages ago where there aren’t recent ones and so on…  – Anonymous

Every time I open my fb account my blood boils bec of this stupid change. all my chats are saved and i don’t know which is which. it’s too many I don’t have time to delete all that’s why i end up in this thread looking for someways on how to return in the old way.   – Anonymous

So the question is How to Turn off or Stop Facebook chat going to messages?
1. Just Delete your Chat conversation – I tried almost everything but the only option so far I have found is that just going back to your message box and delete your chat conversations apart from that there is no other option to avoid this mess.

2. Use 3rd party Chat Apps – Other effective way is to use 3rd party chat app like [link] for chatting, which will helps to avoid sending your all chat conversations to your message box.
Here is solution from Facebook’s Official help center –

How do I access my chat history?
Your chat history with a friend is included as part of your complete conversation in Facebook Messages , along with your other messages, texts and emails.If you’re chatting with someone, your recent conversation history is available by scrolling up within the chat window. To clear this recent history, click the actions menu at the top right of the chat window and select Clear Window. Note: clearing your chat window does not delete these messages from your conversation history.

To permanently delete part or all of your conversation:

  1. Select See Full Conversation from the actions menu at the top right of your chat window.
  2. Select Delete Messages… from the actions menu at the top of the conversation.
  3. Check the individual messages you’d like to delete and click Delete Selected at the bottom of the page, or click Delete All to delete the whole conversation.

Check the Video too [Link]

The Flipkart Way! [Facebook Marketing Tips]


Today for any Digital Marketing company Facebook has become mandatory and unavoidable marketing channel with more than 750 million active users, almost every company is asking for or wanted to use it for their good, In our company (TechShu) too Facebook is among top 3 channels that our clients wants to successfully harness it’s potential whether it’s Big brands or SMEs all our clients wants to see successfully running Facebook campaigns and Pages.

Today I was exploring different eCommerce site’s Facebook pages to get peek into their updates and kind of campaigns they are running and I found that Flipkart is ruling all of them whether it’s almighty ebay or amazon, Flipkart really ROCKs and there is reason behind that –

So, What is Flipkart way?
It’s really simple yet looks very cool, They simply provide some very unique and unknown (to many) insight story relevant to product before leading readers gently to their related product link page, looks very simpel and easy but it’s very effective and non intrusive like following–

>> Did you know that the first Indian movie to feature aliens and spaceships was a 1963 MGR starrer called Kalai Arasi? Do you think Indian sci-fi films are whackier than Hollywood ones? Which is your all time fave sci-fi film?
Checkout the complete list of sci-fi films available with flipkart:

>>Indians are fast becoming global travelers and exploring new exotic destinations. Which is your dream destination and what are the three must-haves that you will carry there?
Checkout the range of travel books available with us:

>>Did you know it’s Harry Potter’s Birthday today (along with JK Rowling)? Let’s wish the world’s most popular boy wizard a very happy birthday! Tell us what is the coolest birthday gift you can think for him.
Checkout the complete list of books by JK Rowling available with flipkart:

>>The first pinhole camera was invented around 1000 AD. The first photographic image taken in 1827 by Niepce took a whopping 8 hours to develop! In the age of digicams, printed photos are fast becoming a thing of the past… (

I really liked their way.

How to Transfer Your Domain Name from Google Apps to Godaddy Registrar


Initially I bought many domain names from Google apps as it is safe and easy but one problem is that you can not enjoy the evergreen discount coupons of Godaddy and it is less flexible also transferring from Google apps to Godaddy or new domain registrar is not very smooth and easy. So I thought of writing a blog post on it. As in our company TechShu we faced this problem many times and every time it takes a lot of time if solution is not documented, in TechShu we have a very unique habit of finding solution to our problems and writing blog post on that so that everyone will get benefited from training new team members to our clients to open world.

So here we go –

1. Buy Domain transfer service from Godaddy with Desired domain name to transfer.

2. Unable to transfer – You’ll receive email from “Important Contact Information Needed [] (FROM:” which states that –

“In order to complete this transfer we must have the approval of the administrative contact for this domain name. However, the administrative email address obtained from your current registrar does not appear to be valid, or could not be obtained.”

3. Need Transaction ID and Security Code – In order to initiate the transfer, Godaddy needed to send you Transaction ID and Security Code that were provided by the gaining registrar. They were sent to the Administrative Contact listed on the domain when you purchased the transfer at Go Daddy (In simple terms they’ll be send to the email ID with which you have registered Google Apps domain name). If you did not receive this email as you are transferring your domain name from Google apps which provide protection and Godaddy will be unable to find out the administrative contact email ID of your domain name.

4. Clear Private Registration Service

You need to ensure that you have removed the Private Registration Service that Google apps provide for free associated with the domain and Cancel the Private Registration.

The private registration for your domain is managed through Domains By Proxy in case of domain names bought via Google Apps, You will need to log into your account with Domains By Proxy in order to cancel the privacy service.

  • Go to and click on ‘My Account’.
  • Log in to your Domains by Proxy account.

If you do not remember your Domains by Proxy login information, click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link to retrieve your customer number and reset your password for that

Go to login> Click Forget Password> 1st retrieve your Customer ID and then Reset Password with the help of customer ID.

  • Once logged in, click on ‘My Domains’.
  • Check the box next to the domain(s) you wish to cancel private registration for.
  • Click on ‘Continue’.
  • Confirm that you wish to cancel the registration by selecting YES.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button.

You will then receive an email regarding the cancellation. The domain will no longer appear in your Domains by Proxy account, and the cancellation will not affect any other services on the domain such as DNS or email. Please remember that cancellation of the private registration is not refundable.

5) Unlock your domain name and get Authorization Code – Go to > Domain Settings > Domain names > Advanced DNS settings > Click on Sign in to DNS console > Sign in with your given access credentials.

  • Click on your desired domain name, Unlock your desired domain name.
  • Go to Authorization Code: Send by Email section and click on send by email.
  • You’ll received authorization code which you’ll be needing at later stage of transfer.

6) Reinitiate transfer Go to Godaddy> My Account> My domain> Transfer tab> Click on desired domain name and reinitiate transfer

7) Transaction ID and Security Code finally – You get a email with “Transfer of – Action Required” with Transaction ID and Security Code.

8 ) Authorization – Go to Godaddy> My Account> Domain manager> Domains> Pending transfers> Authorization> Type your Transaction ID and Security Code.

9) Accept Transfer – Go to > Domain Settings > Domain names > Advanced DNS settings > Click on Sign in to DNS console > Sign in with given access credentials> Domains> Pending Transfer> Select desired domain name> Click Accept/Decline> Select Accept and Ok.

10) Hurray.. You are done with transfer.

SPECIAL NOTE : One more point to take care of, Go to > Domain Settings > Domain names >

Uncheck “Automatically renew my domain registration every year” Or else you’ll be ended up paying every year to Google apps like once I did for my one domain name.

Please note that if you are approaching to your domain renewal period than you can not be able to uncheck if that is the case then you can turn off or uncheck the auto renew option once date of renewal is over.

How to switch back to old Facebook chat or Hide Sidebar chat permanently?


It seems it’s not only me but all 750 million Facebook users hates new sidebar chat of Facebook.

There are solid reasons why I hate it –

1. It shows offline friends – Why the hell they show offline friends if we can not chat them, than what is the meanning of chat box if we can not chat them? is it some kind of most frequent friends showcase box?

2. It never goes off – Although they have provided hideout button but when you click someone to chat if again comes out.

I want to switch back to my old FB chat and so do my all friends but problem is FB hasn’t gave any option to switch back I was so sick of it I stopped chatting in Facebook with my friends.

Then Miracle Happened – Yesterday I was hitting some buttons on keyboard and suddenly the sidebar chat goes off I was like wow how did it happened then I repeated the drill few more times and find the secret keys to turn off sidebar chat permanently –

Secret Formula to Kick ass of Facebook sidebar chat –

Those who are fed up with sidebar chat box of Facebook just hit the two button keys simultaneously Ctrl+= twice

i.e. hit 'Ctrl' and '=' buttons for twice and see the magic 😉

and if you really wanna switch back to sidebar chat which I never ever want to just hit Ctrl+0.

God it’s such a relief to switch back.

Now how to find all the Friends who are online?

Well you can go to and chat with them but for that you have remain online in your main chat box 🙂

Only one issue with this trick is your fonts get bigger, well there are 3 solutions to bring back the sizes to nomal –

1.   Use ctrl + Mouse scroll to zoom in zoom out

2. Go to menu options of your browser and find Zoom+- option

3. or open and hit ctrl+0 buttons  (see Google always rocks 😛 )

Another trick to Disable Facebook Chat Sidebar

If you use Firefox, Chrome or Opera browser then, you just need to install ‘Sidebar Disabler’ extension. Which will help you to disable Chat Sidebar and return to the old Facebook Chat.

Install ‘Sidebar Chat Disabler’ for –


Need Google Plus Invites, Try this?


There are many loopholes in Google plus to join it which Google is constantly finding and blocking these loopholes.

Those which still working are –

1. Download the Chrome app from Chrome Store on Google Chrome.  Install and click on the icon on Chrome and you will be redirected to the sign-up page of Google+.

2. Another workaround is :; That’s the link to your own profile while logging in to Google+. That link may take you to a sign up page.

[Update] – These Loopholes are closed by Google 🙁

HELP – How to deal with a Facebook Fake Profile or Impersonation?


Today a friend of mine (gal) asked me –

“Hi, someone has used my pictures to create a fake profile…i thought if you could help me…”

She is the third friend of mine whose profile has been impersonified, So I thought instead of writing her I should blog about it so that others can also be benefited.

What Facebook suggests to resolve it?
If you go to their “Report Abuse” section then you’ll find following solution –

How do I report a fake profile that’s pretending to be me?
Fake profiles created to imitate real people (impostor profiles) are not allowed on Facebook.

If someone created a profile pretending to be you:

  1. Go to the profile
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the left column and click “Report/Block This Person”
  3. Click “This profile is pretending to be someone or is fake”
  4. Choose “Pretending to be me” from the type drop-down
  5. Click “Continue” to submit your report

Note: If you can’t view the profile you’re trying to report, ask a friend to file a report for you.

What is my take to resolve it?
Presently you can just report an impersonation on facebook and then wait for something to happen as if you just follow the above mentioned Facebook remedy then it may take a several months or it may not be solved.

So what to do?
In my last 2 cases of my friends, what I have observed that if you ask your friends about 20-30 to report abuse as per the
above steps with “Pretending to be someone I know” options then Facebook do take action and delete that profile.

Good news is that Facebook has recently updated it’s algorithms to hunt down spams and abuses.

Legal Help
My friend suggested following for legal action –

You can also file a complaint on the following link of Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3 which is a special wing of the FBI. Once you file the complaint you will see immediate action being taken.. The steps are simple and very effective. Have used it twice and have helped two of my friends (girls) from identity theft – Lijoy Babu

Complain Link –

One Last tip –
Specially for females always keep your privacy settings tight and never let any strangers be in your friends list. Check for the Guide to Managing Your Facebook Privacy and Facebook Safety.

Happy Safe Facebooking.

PS: For Impersonators read this –
Two held for impersonation‘ If you think you can not be held. It is a serious crime and has strict laws against, it better just refrain from it as 5 minutes fun can turn into lifetime regret.

Ubuntu 11.04 Freezes or Hangs when left Idle in Laptop


Ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04 in my laptop, it freezes or hangs frequently when it is left idle for a while. First I thought It must be problem of new Unity desktop so I tried to switch to nostalgic Genome but it didn’t worked I tried to Googled the problem and I found so many other people faced the same problem but no one yet found solution for it. So I asked one of my friend who is an Open Source Evangelist. He suggested following solutions –

What is causing to freeze or Hanging of Ubuntu 11.04 System when it is left idle?
Alonzo Fretwell – The problem seems to be with the screen saver. I am only running 11.04 on my netbook now. i rolled back to 10.10 on my notebook because of hardware problems that were causing it to hang during boot. it has a bad memory slot and subsequent issues on the mother board.

What is the solution for it?
Alonzo Fretwell – Try using the fiberlamp screen saver, it does not hang and the snowflake screen save is also okay i think. You might try some other screen savers too. or perhaps Blank Screen.

You might try to remove the screen saver installed now and replace it with xscreensaver (or run them along side each other). its a little bit of work but its something to try. I think its okay to run with them both installed but you have to kill the default deamon and launch the xscreensaver deamon. there are pop-up to do that with.

I removed the gnome screensaver, restarted and all seems to be well. but one must start the xscreensaver daemon by opening the screensaver control panel. the new daemon needs to be put into the users path on startup. i am not sure how to do this but i don’t think its too hard. i think there is a gui app to do that with. lets see if the xscreensaver hangs first.

Thank you so much Alonzo for saving my life, for me so far fiberlamp screen saver trick is working. 🙂

Coolest Facebook Emoticons and Smileys


Today I was competing with one of my Facebook friend in chat on “who can make coolest Facebook emoticons or Facebook Smileys”. At first she was leading but later when I Googled I found good resource of Facebook emoticons here is what I found. I’ll be keep adding ASAP I find new one 😉


Emoticon                   Name                        Shortcuts

Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Smile smile 🙂 🙂 :] =)
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Frown frown 🙁 🙁 :[ =(
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Gasp gasp :-O :O 😮 😮
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Grin grin 😀 😀 =D
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Tongue tongue 😛 😛 :-p :p =P
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Wink wink 😉 😉
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Curly Lips curly lips :3
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Kiss kiss :-* :*
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Grumpy grumpy >:( >:-(
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Glasses glasses 😎 8) B-) B)
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Sunglasses sunglasses 8-| 8| B-| B|
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Upset upset >:O >:-O >:o >:-o
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Confused confused o.O O.o
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Shark shark (^^^)
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Pacman pacman :v
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Squint squint -_-
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys- Angel angel O:) O:-)
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Devil devil 3:) 3:-)
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Unsure unsure :/ :-/ :\ :-\
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Cry cry :'(
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Chris Putnam Chris Putnam :putnam:
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Robot robot :|]
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Heart heart <3
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Kiki kiki ^_^
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - Penguin penguin <(”)
Facebook Emoticons and Smileys - 42 Red :42: 42 Red


Some other cool character that looks great on Facebook wall, Chat or comments 😉

╔══╗ ♥ ♫ ♥
║██║ ♫ ♥
█ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █



✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁ ✾◕ ‿ ◕✾ (◐.̃◐)


LOADING… ██████████████]99%


/▌ ♥

I liked this one


How to Install GNOME 3 on Ubuntu 11.04 over Unity Desktop


I have been using Ubuntu with Gnome desktop ever since I have heard of Ubuntu and I was very excited about the new Unity Desktop in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal  but it really didn’t impress me much. I would better like to use new Gnome 3 over Unity.

Here is simple steps of “how to install Gnome 3 over unity desktop” –

1. Open terminal (Ctrl+T) and hit following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3

gksu apt-get update

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

2.You are done, Yupp it’s really simple 🙂



How to run Canon CanoScan Lide 110/210 Scanner in Ubuntu


Yesterday I bought Canon’s CanoScan Lide 110 Scanner and today when I tried to run it on Ubuntu 10.10 I found an error, which said “Failed to Scan, No Scanners Available, Please connect a scanner” I was like WTH but one thing I like about Ubuntu is that whatever problem you face you can Google it’s solution it’s community support is really awesome.

So I found the solution for it. Just open your terminal and hit following command lines, restart your system and you are done.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:plaxx/random-fixes
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install libsane sane-utils