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Category Archives: Sci-Fi

Steorn talks initiative faced tons of anger


Recently we’ve heard updates from steorn’s side, it is about their talk which infact broke the silence of sixteen months long when their demo failed. Steorn Talks Our ‘talk’ initiative is designed to give people within the technology development community an opportunity to understand the Orbo proposition and ask questions in a direct, face-to-face format. […]

Send Your Name to the Moon


I got this from Digital Inspiration I sent my whole family’s name- “Lunar Reconnaissance is an unmanned spacecraft that will launch for the moon in late 2008. The objective is to find safe landing sites on the moon and other planets like Mars.Now NASA is collecting names of people who support this mission and this […]

The 6 Most Important Experiments in the World


From the smartest artificial brain to the first artificial life, Scientists rely on computer models to understand the toughest concepts in science:the origin of the universe, the human brain, artificial life, the behavior of atoms, and the future climate of the planet. These are some of the most important experiments that are currently active in […]

Star Trek Area Network (STAN)


This is a remarkable journey of Computer Networks, STAN… will it be ever possible in our life time..?? Courtesy : Irvan Tambunan

Flying Saucer Designed for Greener Air Travel


Eco-friendly airplane of the future, was designed by the CleanEra project, led by Etnel Straatsma of Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. Credit: CleanEra, Delft University of Technology Credit: Story Courtesy : Kagliostro