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Skydrive is Yet not Ready to be Called Cloud Drive


Today, I was trying to find alternatives to “Awesome Dropbox” as you never know what may go wrong and when I read Dropbox’s Polices they say they have rights to delete your account without any warning which sent chills to my spine, I just can not imagine life without files which I have stored their as Safe […]

Re: My Facebook Profile is Disabled :((


3 days back I found that I’m unable to login to my Facebook account, Later I found that it was disabled, I got in shock and awe mode, totally helpless I felt like some part of me is lost coz my 3 years of life logs, tons of images all were lost, I tried to figure out […]

Facebook Announces Privacy Redesign


Today I got following mail from Facebook for their Privacy Redesign – Hi, Facebook will roll out changes today that will make it easier for our users to understand and control their privacy settings. As this change will have an impact on our users, we wanted to let you, a valued advertising partner, know about […]

Statbrain says 4,519 visits per day


this is cool our visitors are growing, thanx to all for visiting my lil site 🙂 Source: Statbrain

who is making money from Web 2.0?


It is being said that in silicon valley everyday on an average 10 new company shows up and 9 of them die young. Web 2.0 is very vibrant in nature running on millions of dollar in VCs. The question is how many of them are actually making money apart from their pocket expenses surely none […]

My blog is worth $149,038.56


This is old one but I never tried it, today when i was going through my friend’s blog it caught my attention and I thought I should give it a shot and when i typed my blog i can’t believe the worth of my blog, it is nearly $ 150k.  Any takers.. I’ll give it […]



I’ve Been busy, have abandoned this blog for long time, been writing just this and that just rambling no fix topics, got max hit on ultra surf post with 66,911 hits and 151 comments. There are currently 29 posts and 256 comments, contained within 34 categories. just 29 posts. Though I do have a lot […]

Dynamic Blogroll – LinkedList


Links or blogroll is an effective way to stay connected with your blog friends and also some how it helps to increase traffic in a very mutual way, zillion times I visited blog of a friend but never bother to notice unique blog links, today when he posted a comment “Take a look at this…” […]

My First Post


This is my first entry into my blog for my personal growth and development, I wanna share my thoughts and experience with world. so if you are reading this I’d like to welcome you.