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How To Remove Superfish from Your Browser?


What is Superfish? Apparently – it is some kind of ‘price comparison’ browser extension or something like that which tries to tell you which product you’re searching for and it tells you prices from different suppliers, I never even heard of it, before it started annoyingly popping up in my browser. Why the Heck it […]

[Case Study] How To Get a Cool Job in Social Media


Are  you looking for cool jon in Social media then here is a very cool case study on how you can actually get one. All you need is combination of Skill+Creativity and lil effort. One of the hottest job markets at the moment is the world of social media. At the most recent Social Media London meetup […]

[How to] Set Goals in Google Analytics for Facebook Apps Thank You Page


 I came across this question when I checked my official mails this morning. Problem: How to Set Goals in Google Analytics for Facebook Apps Thank you page? Description : Why it is a problem? as there is only one static URL in Facebook Apps, So we can not use it as Thank you page in […]

[How To] Fix Facebook Custom Page Tab Icon Images Getting Changed After Being Uploaded


Today I was working with one of our client in New Facebook Page Timeline and It’s Custom Tabs Icon, I faced strange problem. Problem –  When I tried to upload new icon image for our tab it was showing some other icon image randomly selected from out of the blue moon.  Possible Reason – There […]

How to Get Up to 16GB of Extra Free Space on Dropbox


Dropbox is amazing and 2GB free space we get is really not enough. So I tried to find out how to get extra space. Here are few known techniques to increase the Dropbox space upto ~16GB – 1) Get 640 MB of Free Dropbox SpaceBy Connecting Your Social Networking Accounts – 2) Earn up […]

[How To] Block Unwanted/SPAM Emails at Gmail Account


One of my friend asked – “Hi rajesh.. how do u block unwanted email at gmail account? the steps please. not spam i just want to block it Foreverrr… drives me crazy thanks thanks…” I often get this question by many of my friends So I thought I must share solutions with everyone. I replied her – […]

How to Stop Facebook Chat Going to Messages [Tips]


It seems every time Facebook rolls out it’s game changing new features they force us to hate Facebook more and more as with every new feature they tries to capture as many as conversation of users, keep a record of it and later either make it public or use it for targeting us with their ads. They […]

How to Transfer Your Domain Name from Google Apps to Godaddy Registrar


Initially I bought many domain names from Google apps as it is safe and easy but one problem is that you can not enjoy the evergreen discount coupons of Godaddy and it is less flexible also transferring from Google apps to Godaddy or new domain registrar is not very smooth and easy. So I thought […]

How to switch back to old Facebook chat or Hide Sidebar chat permanently?


It seems it’s not only me but all 750 million Facebook users hates new sidebar chat of Facebook. There are solid reasons why I hate it – 1. It shows offline friends – Why the hell they show offline friends if we can not chat them, than what is the meanning of chat box if […]

HELP – How to deal with a Facebook Fake Profile or Impersonation?


Today a friend of mine (gal) asked me – “Hi, someone has used my pictures to create a fake profile…i thought if you could help me…” She is the third friend of mine whose profile has been impersonified, So I thought instead of writing her I should blog about it so that others can also […]