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Coolest Facebook Emoticons and Smileys


Today I was competing with one of my Facebook friend in chat on “who can make coolest Facebook emoticons or Facebook Smileys”. At first she was leading but later when I Googled I found good resource of Facebook emoticons here is what I found. I’ll be keep adding ASAP I find new one 😉   Emoticon       […]

Steorn are still open but not sure about Alive!!


I’m following Steorn from very beginning so much time has passed still not a single authentic news from Steorn side. I’m very hopeful that these guys will be successful but as times passes my hopes are converting into doubts. so i went discussion forum of Steorn and i’ve got following from steornSkeptic which gave me some relief […]

The Great Pyramid – A Tomb for All People


What if I reserve a stone in The Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid can potentially be any human being’s grave or memorial site. As monumental as it is affordable, it serves those of all nationalities and religions. Individuals who are either unwilling or unable to have their ashes buried there can also opt to have […]

Indian English will replace British English


Indian English at work So how this gonna happen – Traditional English is set to fragment into a multitude of dialects as it spreads around the world, a language expert claims. People will effectively have to learn two varieties of the language – one spoken in their home country, and a new kind of Standard […]

The Great Mantis


Picture Credit : Lawraa

StumbleUpon Main Hoon Na vs Dead Ringers


I was just going through this Taiwanese site and i found a post on Main Hoon Na, just have a look- Taiwanese Version English Translation  Link in Taiwanese Link in English

X-Files 2 Trailer and a Release Date


1st i thought these guys will never come up with sequel coz it’s been so long and i guess 1st part wasn’t that hit. but X-Files is my all time favorite and i’m very excited about it. July 25, 2008, Mark it on your calendar, because that’s the release date for the new X-Files movie. […]

Happy New Year


See you on the other side No matter if you are a VILLAIN or HERO, UGLY or CUTE, BOY or GIRL, BIG or SMALL VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you (^_^) Courtesy: doc18

Beery Christmas


The Golden Compass – Trailer


Source : The Golden Compass