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Skydrive is Yet not Ready to be Called Cloud Drive

Today, I was trying to find alternatives to “Awesome Dropbox” as you never know what may go wrong and when I read Dropbox’s Polices they say they have rights to delete your account without any warning which sent chills to my spine, I just can not imagine life without files which I have stored their as Safe Heaven as recently our two hard disk got corrupted and i know how Feeble are DVDs and external drives.

As I explored Skydrive I found it is yet not ready although it does give whooping 25GB of Space but it lacks lots of “So Obvious Features” which are very necessary to work in cloud.

and they are –

  1. Skydrive or Windows Live Mesh? – They operate with two different things, Skydrive is for Web based file storage which is not so cloud in nature if we compare to dropbox as it does not has any desktop application and without that it becomes too difficult to maintain back ups of your files, every time we have to just upload it web there is no syncing feature but wait they do have syncing feature but they call it Windows Live Mesh.. wow what an interesting name ain’t so? the name really sux. Why they just can’t keep it as Skydrive or just as Syncing desktop feature to skydrive?
  2. Cumbersome Desktop Syncing – Just checkout the screenshot below, You can sync any folder but when visit that folder their is no way to know that if folder is synced or not? Unlike in Dropbox they show green icon if file is synced and blue if it is in process of syncing.
  3. Insufficient info – When you right click on it’s icon at system tray then you simply find 3 options signin, open Mesh and exit. and when you open Mesh there is no way to know how many files are synced or how many left or how many space is used or free. But if you check Dropbox then you may find all info and options which is required.
  4. At the end the only feeling i got “It Sux”


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