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[How To] Fix Facebook Custom Page Tab Icon Images Getting Changed After Being Uploaded

Today I was working with one of our client in New Facebook Page Timeline and It’s Custom Tabs Icon, I faced strange problem.

Problem –  When I tried to upload new icon image for our tab it was showing some other icon image randomly selected from out of the blue moon. 

Possible Reason – There appears to be a limit of 10,000 tab images for an app. When a tab image gets uploaded a number between 0 and 9999 gets assigned to the tab image creating a url like this:

The last part 6562 is what seems to be randomly allocated and limited from 0 to 9999. For apps with large numbers of users like the Static HTML Iframe Tab, users quickly fill up the allotted 10000 slots and when new tab images are uploaded, it overrides an existing tab image which then changes the image on the original page.


1) Difficult One :  Setup Your own custom apps hosted on apps system. When you setup their own apps, only you are uploading tab images for that app reducing the chance of this happening. Pretty confusing right?

2) Easiest One : Keep trying uploading your icon image again and again till your image appears in my case I tried till 15 times so be patient while doing that.