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[Facebook DOWN] How to Open/Access Facebook When it is Down in Your Country?


Today morning when I was going to office I got a call from my friend from Kerala,

LijoyAny Idea why Facebook is down

I saidI’ll get back to you when I reach office

LijoyJust write a blog about it and I’ll read it

I SaidOkay

When I came to office I found Facebook is actually down and it is down in almost all India ( Then I thought If it is down in India but not necessarily down in USA and So I thought of surfing from USA but How the Hell I can do that from being located in India? Well answer was simple Ultrasurf and this simple trick did work ;-)

Here is the Sime Steps to Open Facebook When It is Down?

1. Go to

2. Download Ultrasurf

3. Start ultrasurf by simply clicking it

4. Go to any browser and type

5. You are DONE :-)


  • Rajesh

    Yepp :)

  • Bhanusmita

    Also mobile Facebook was working! :)