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How to Get Up to 16GB of Extra Free Space on Dropbox

Dropbox is amazing and 2GB free space we get is really not enough. So I tried to find out how to get extra space.

Here are few known techniques to increase the Dropbox space upto ~16GB –

1) Get 640 MB of Free Dropbox SpaceBy Connecting Your Social Networking Accounts –

2) Earn up to 8GB of Dropbox Space By Referring Friends

Best of all is Friends referral, Whenever your friend or client asks for any big files just introduce them dropbox and give them your referral link which you may get from

and help them to –

  • Create Account
  • Install it
  • Get it configure

Remember that if they complete these 3 steps then only you’ll get extra space.

3) Complete the “Getting Started”– Complete all of the tasks listed there to earn 250 MB. –

4) The Official Dropbox Guide To Getting More Space! –

5) Get Up to 4.5GB of Extra Space on Dropbox for Uploading Photos and Videos

They are testing their automatic photo and video uploading feature. In exchange for trying their experimental build, you can get up to 4.5GB of extra space for free. Here is how you can get that –

1. Download & Install their Dropbox Beta Installation – 

(The photo import feature is not available on Mac 10.4 and Linux. You gotta Transfer/Upload Videos)

2. Add Photos/Video by Camera/SD Card to your Comp – Just plug/insert your SD Card/Camera and import via Dropbox, On Windows, this feature relies on Autoplay. Please enable Autoplay to use this feature if you have disabled it.

3. You’ll see Photos/Videos are getting uploaded

4. Either successfully imported and sync’ed 4GB worth of unique photo(s) or video(s), to get the 4GB credit.

Make sure you do not mix the Photo/Video importing together. Do just Photo(s) or just Video(s) at a time.

Following this, you will only need to upload exactly 4.5GB of data to get 5GB of credit space. Tho, uploading more would ensure those credit counts. 4GB of it being either Photo(s) or 4GB Video(s) then a +500MB of either Photo(s) or Video(s).

5. New Dropbox Interface–  If you visit dropbox then you’ll find new interface along with increase space.



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