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[How To] Block Unwanted/SPAM Emails at Gmail Account

One of my friend asked –

Hi rajesh.. how do u block unwanted email at gmail account? the steps please. not spam i just want to block it Foreverrr… drives me crazy :)thanks thanks…

I often get this question by many of my friends So I thought I must share solutions with everyone.

I replied her –
[Read following in dramatic way 😉 ]

Congratulations Today is your lucky day, As today you are going to break free of SPAM. Yes SPAM free life.

Here are different Solutions
1. Smart Labels –

  • Go to Mail Settings
  • Click Labs
  • Look for “Smart Labels”
  • Click Enable
  • Go down and Save Changes.

– What happens is your all uncessary mails will go to different smart labels/folders.
– Now go to each Label i.e. Bulk, Forums, Notifications etc, check at right side top you’ll find “Archive incoming Forums (skip the Inbox)” just enable to stop mails appearing them in inbox.
– I know it is not exactly what u are looking for but trust me it’ll reduce your 50% of your headache.

2. Filters –
Whenever you receive such mails

  • Select that mail
  • Click More
  • Click “Filter Massages like these”
  • Click Next Step
  • If you don’t want any more mails from that email address then simply select “delete” option
  • and Click Create Filter.

– Now all your mails from that email ID will be directly deleted.
– You can try with various filters options.

3. Simply Unsubscribe –
Many times our email address get automatically subscribed to many newsletters and other similar services in various ways which I will expalin some other day but the point is if you receive such mails then simply open that mail and find unsubscribe link and unsubscribe yourself. This way you can reduce your unwanted mails by 30%

4. Precaution –
From next time use some other email address to signup new services. As you may like to keep your personal email ID simply for personal use. I can understand how outrageous you feel when you check your inbox in 5-6 days gap and find filled with 200-300 mails and 90% of them are unwanted.

Happy Emailing 😉