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[How to] Set up Your Domain Name email Address with Google Apps

Here is a quick tips on how to set up your domain name email address with Google Apps so that you can use powerful gmail as

Step 1:

  1. GoTo
  2. Add your domain name (website)
  3. Sign up for Google Apps – Your Name, Your Organization, how many users, etc…

Step 2:
Setup the Primary Master account – Username and password 

Step 3: Google Apps setup wizard.
  1. You need to verify that you own the domain. For this you can choose any one from the options. :
    • Add a DNS record to your domain configuration.
    • Link to your Google Analytics account if you are already set up there.
    • Upload an HTML file to your server.
    • Add a meta tag to your site’s home page.
  2. Just click Next, Next, Next and follow the instructions

Step 4: Activate your email.

  1. Select your host site from the drop down menu to get instructions for changing your MX records. Log into your host, and follow the steps through completely. Then click on “I have completed these steps” at the bottom.
  2. Once your MX records are official and correct,
    • Go to your Google Apps home page and sign in. Click on “Organization and Users” on the top navigation menu, and then “Create New User.”
    • Add the name and email that you want, and continue to do this for as many emails as you wish to set up (up to 10 with this free version of google apps).
  3. You can log into your email from or from setup section you can create a custom login url like