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How to Stop Facebook Chat Going to Messages [Tips]

It seems every time Facebook rolls out it’s game changing new features they force us to hate Facebook more and more as with every new feature they tries to capture as many as conversation of users, keep a record of it and later either make it public or use it for targeting us with their ads. They are just thinking of how much relevant data  they can store and use it for targeting us back with ads but they are just not caring how the user will feel cause they don’t even keep an option to turn off the feature or turn it back to older one.

One of such new feature which is taking nerves of people these days is new Facebook Messages although it was announced way back in November 2010 but they are rolling it out in different phases and recently they have rolled it out to almost 60-70% of the users or may be more cause I can see almost everyone in my friend circle has got it. As expected users hated it like anything for two main reason –

1. Your all chat conversation saves in your Message box (I also hate it) – As Chat is something which people like to keep it private as they share many secret and intimate talks which they can’t in normal emails or messages. Also it makes your message thread soooooooooo long and messy.

2. All the messages under single thread (Although I like it) – People wants to keep their different conversation topics under separate threads they don’t want to club all their conversation of different topics under same thread.

Check out some of the sentiments  –

I liked keeping certain threads of messages seperate by the subject! I HATE how chats end in my inbox. I use the chat for one thing and messages for another. So confusing. Since facebook texting doesn’t always work, I can’t tell if the ones in the messages were supposed to be from texting or chatting…good heavens give us the option to go back!!! – Anonymous

Every time facebook is modified it get worse. We are used to this. But now you have brought it to a new level of complexity and uselessness. Conversations split in 2000 nameless new ones and God only knows following which criteria, messages in the chat appearing in the mailbox while you are talking, the chat itself showing messages of ages ago where there aren’t recent ones and so on…  – Anonymous

Every time I open my fb account my blood boils bec of this stupid change. all my chats are saved and i don’t know which is which. it’s too many I don’t have time to delete all that’s why i end up in this thread looking for someways on how to return in the old way.   – Anonymous

So the question is How to Turn off or Stop Facebook chat going to messages?
1. Just Delete your Chat conversation – I tried almost everything but the only option so far I have found is that just going back to your message box and delete your chat conversations apart from that there is no other option to avoid this mess.

2. Use 3rd party Chat Apps – Other effective way is to use 3rd party chat app like [link] for chatting, which will helps to avoid sending your all chat conversations to your message box.
Here is solution from Facebook’s Official help center –

How do I access my chat history?
Your chat history with a friend is included as part of your complete conversation in Facebook Messages , along with your other messages, texts and emails.If you’re chatting with someone, your recent conversation history is available by scrolling up within the chat window. To clear this recent history, click the actions menu at the top right of the chat window and select Clear Window. Note: clearing your chat window does not delete these messages from your conversation history.

To permanently delete part or all of your conversation:

  1. Select See Full Conversation from the actions menu at the top right of your chat window.
  2. Select Delete Messages… from the actions menu at the top of the conversation.
  3. Check the individual messages you’d like to delete and click Delete Selected at the bottom of the page, or click Delete All to delete the whole conversation.

Check the Video too [Link]