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The Flipkart Way! [Facebook Marketing Tips]

Today for any Digital Marketing company Facebook has become mandatory and unavoidable marketing channel with more than 750 million active users, almost every company is asking for or wanted to use it for their good, In our company (TechShu) too Facebook is among top 3 channels that our clients wants to successfully harness it’s potential whether it’s Big brands or SMEs all our clients wants to see successfully running Facebook campaigns and Pages.

Today I was exploring different eCommerce site’s Facebook pages to get peek into their updates and kind of campaigns they are running and I found that Flipkart is ruling all of them whether it’s almighty ebay or amazon, Flipkart really ROCKs and there is reason behind that –

So, What is Flipkart way?
It’s really simple yet looks very cool, They simply provide some very unique and unknown (to many) insight story relevant to product before leading readers gently to their related product link page, looks very simpel and easy but it’s very effective and non intrusive like following–

>> Did you know that the first Indian movie to feature aliens and spaceships was a 1963 MGR starrer called Kalai Arasi? Do you think Indian sci-fi films are whackier than Hollywood ones? Which is your all time fave sci-fi film?
Checkout the complete list of sci-fi films available with flipkart:

>>Indians are fast becoming global travelers and exploring new exotic destinations. Which is your dream destination and what are the three must-haves that you will carry there?
Checkout the range of travel books available with us:

>>Did you know it’s Harry Potter’s Birthday today (along with JK Rowling)? Let’s wish the world’s most popular boy wizard a very happy birthday! Tell us what is the coolest birthday gift you can think for him.
Checkout the complete list of books by JK Rowling available with flipkart:

>>The first pinhole camera was invented around 1000 AD. The first photographic image taken in 1827 by Niepce took a whopping 8 hours to develop! In the age of digicams, printed photos are fast becoming a thing of the past… (

I really liked their way.