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How to switch back to old Facebook chat or Hide Sidebar chat permanently?

It seems it’s not only me but all 750 million Facebook users hates new sidebar chat of Facebook.

There are solid reasons why I hate it –

1. It shows offline friends – Why the hell they show offline friends if we can not chat them, than what is the meanning of chat box if we can not chat them? is it some kind of most frequent friends showcase box?

2. It never goes off – Although they have provided hideout button but when you click someone to chat if again comes out.

I want to switch back to my old FB chat and so do my all friends but problem is FB hasn’t gave any option to switch back I was so sick of it I stopped chatting in Facebook with my friends.

Then Miracle Happened – Yesterday I was hitting some buttons on keyboard and suddenly the sidebar chat goes off I was like wow how did it happened then I repeated the drill few more times and find the secret keys to turn off sidebar chat permanently –

Secret Formula to Kick ass of Facebook sidebar chat –

Those who are fed up with sidebar chat box of Facebook just hit the two button keys simultaneously Ctrl+= twice

i.e. hit 'Ctrl' and '=' buttons for twice and see the magic 😉

and if you really wanna switch back to sidebar chat which I never ever want to just hit Ctrl+0.

God it’s such a relief to switch back.

Now how to find all the Friends who are online?

Well you can go to and chat with them but for that you have remain online in your main chat box 🙂

Only one issue with this trick is your fonts get bigger, well there are 3 solutions to bring back the sizes to nomal –

1.   Use ctrl + Mouse scroll to zoom in zoom out

2. Go to menu options of your browser and find Zoom+- option

3. or open and hit ctrl+0 buttons  (see Google always rocks 😛 )

Another trick to Disable Facebook Chat Sidebar

If you use Firefox, Chrome or Opera browser then, you just need to install ‘Sidebar Disabler’ extension. Which will help you to disable Chat Sidebar and return to the old Facebook Chat.

Install ‘Sidebar Chat Disabler’ for –