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HELP – How to deal with a Facebook Fake Profile or Impersonation?

Today a friend of mine (gal) asked me –

“Hi, someone has used my pictures to create a fake profile…i thought if you could help me…”

She is the third friend of mine whose profile has been impersonified, So I thought instead of writing her I should blog about it so that others can also be benefited.

What Facebook suggests to resolve it?
If you go to their “Report Abuse” section then you’ll find following solution –

How do I report a fake profile that’s pretending to be me?
Fake profiles created to imitate real people (impostor profiles) are not allowed on Facebook.

If someone created a profile pretending to be you:

  1. Go to the profile
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the left column and click “Report/Block This Person”
  3. Click “This profile is pretending to be someone or is fake”
  4. Choose “Pretending to be me” from the type drop-down
  5. Click “Continue” to submit your report

Note: If you can’t view the profile you’re trying to report, ask a friend to file a report for you.

What is my take to resolve it?
Presently you can just report an impersonation on facebook and then wait for something to happen as if you just follow the above mentioned Facebook remedy then it may take a several months or it may not be solved.

So what to do?
In my last 2 cases of my friends, what I have observed that if you ask your friends about 20-30 to report abuse as per the
above steps with “Pretending to be someone I know” options then Facebook do take action and delete that profile.

Good news is that Facebook has recently updated it’s algorithms to hunt down spams and abuses.

Legal Help
My friend suggested following for legal action –

You can also file a complaint on the following link of Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3 which is a special wing of the FBI. Once you file the complaint you will see immediate action being taken.. The steps are simple and very effective. Have used it twice and have helped two of my friends (girls) from identity theft – Lijoy Babu

Complain Link –

One Last tip –
Specially for females always keep your privacy settings tight and never let any strangers be in your friends list. Check for the Guide to Managing Your Facebook Privacy and Facebook Safety.

Happy Safe Facebooking.

PS: For Impersonators read this –
Two held for impersonation‘ If you think you can not be held. It is a serious crime and has strict laws against, it better just refrain from it as 5 minutes fun can turn into lifetime regret.

  • http://facebook sandra dutton

    a man who has been pestering me for a long time is popping up on scrabble and poker with a different profile each time,i want to know how he knows when eg im on scrabble as i always get him as an opponent and im fed up of it ,thanks