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Ubuntu 11.04 Freezes or Hangs when left Idle in Laptop

Ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04 in my laptop, it freezes or hangs frequently when it is left idle for a while. First I thought It must be problem of new Unity desktop so I tried to switch to nostalgic Genome but it didn’t worked I tried to Googled the problem and I found so many other people faced the same problem but no one yet found solution for it. So I asked one of my friend who is an Open Source Evangelist. He suggested following solutions –

What is causing to freeze or Hanging of Ubuntu 11.04 System when it is left idle?
Alonzo Fretwell – The problem seems to be with the screen saver. I am only running 11.04 on my netbook now. i rolled back to 10.10 on my notebook because of hardware problems that were causing it to hang during boot. it has a bad memory slot and subsequent issues on the mother board.

What is the solution for it?
Alonzo Fretwell – Try using the fiberlamp screen saver, it does not hang and the snowflake screen save is also okay i think. You might try some other screen savers too. or perhaps Blank Screen.

You might try to remove the screen saver installed now and replace it with xscreensaver (or run them along side each other). its a little bit of work but its something to try. I think its okay to run with them both installed but you have to kill the default deamon and launch the xscreensaver deamon. there are pop-up to do that with.

I removed the gnome screensaver, restarted and all seems to be well. but one must start the xscreensaver daemon by opening the screensaver control panel. the new daemon needs to be put into the users path on startup. i am not sure how to do this but i don’t think its too hard. i think there is a gui app to do that with. lets see if the xscreensaver hangs first.

Thank you so much Alonzo for saving my life, for me so far fiberlamp screen saver trick is working. 🙂

  • r.eriksson

    not working for me i upgrade frome 10.10 to 11.04 and in 10.10 and 11.04 the screen saver made my computer useles

    the only god is the 3g modem is found

    way too manny bugs for stick around im dumping ubuntu in the trash can i like the grafick lyout but too manny bugs and no fixes

    gonna take some look on fedora or mandriva linux at least the dont have manny memeory bugs and get the computer to lock it