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How to Renew Domain Name bought via Google Apps

Today I got following mail about how to renew domain name (Bought from Google Apps) and I keep on getting such mails from my friends so I thought of writing a tutorial  to help them.

Simple steps of “How to Renew Domain Name bought via Google Apps”

Step 1

Step 2 –

  • Login to with your Gmail account with which you’d registered your domain name (generally it’s your personal gmail email address).
  • Click Checkout

Step 3

  • Check for your Default payment method
  • If it’s there then click on edit payment method (If it’s not there then add new payment method)

Step 4

  • Check for payment method if it’s correct
  • Make sure that your payment method like your (credit card detail) is current and working one

Step 5 – Enjoy 🙂

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  • Zach Owens

    I cannot get to these steps because I need to setup my google administrator account, but I can’t do that because when I try to sign in it tells me invalid request…

  • jakob

    thanks it people like you that makes the internet work!

  • Eldefonso Roberto

    I got the same issue but my problem is, my google account has security that needs my phone to receive the code. However, my phone is no longer working and could not receive any text msg or calls. How to recover?