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How to Speed Up Slow start of LibreOffice?

Recently I switched to LibreOffice from OpenOffice due it’s compatibility issues with MS Office XML docs and it’s slow development process as a result of Sun Microsystems acquisition by Oracle.

I was so happy to swtich over but later I really got pissed off cause it takes too much time to start, takes alomost 10-15 seconds to go away it’s spalsh screen.

So today I tried to find out how to speed up and thankfully It’s really simple to do that –

Just –

  1. Start LibreOffice Writer
  2. Goto Tools>Options
  3. Click on Memory
  4. Check Enable Systray Quickstarter
  5. Now reopen your LibreOffice
  6. You are done
  7. It’s Awesomely Fast

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  • Pete

    Same thing, I do not see same but went ahead and clicked what was there anyway, it seemed faster.

  • Michael Sugar

    I am confused. Info seems incomplete on how to speed up Libre Office start. On the Mac, nothing labeled Quick Starter appears anywhere in any of the menus.
    I am thinking of abandoning LibreOffice Write as it is so annoying to wait for Writer to start up. Cannot find objects or locations as describe an illustrated in the article posted here. There is no check box for Quick Starter. Is there a different approach for Mac? Info in article is also wrong for Mac – told to correct to LibreOffice/Preferences/LibreOffice/Memory/ – still there is no Quick Starter check box. Help???

  • Rajesh

    Thatz really a pain but i guess they’ll fix it in coming days…

  • Ping-Wu Zhang

    The problem is, after you turned on the quickstart, Ubuntu won’t shutdown or restart. A royal pain in the 8th.