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How to Resize Multiple Images in one Click in Ubuntu

Yesterday I went to Nassocom Emergeout Conclave for Startups, I clicked almost zillions of images and today when I tried to upload them in Facebook it gave me tough time cause of huge size so I thought lets resize it but there were so many images which would take me ages. When I Googled I found following method to resize multiple images in one go.

Here is an awesome way to resize zillions of images in one go-

1. Install imagemagick from Ubuntu Software Center
Or, in the terminal:
sudo apt-get install imagemagick

2. Put all your image files in a single directory/folder.

3. Open a terminal and go to this directory/folder:
cd <Directory-Location>

like I put my folder (named  “small”) in desktop so you can type

cd ~/Desktop/small

4. To resize all your images enter following command.

example – With following command, all of the images will be reduced to 50% ratio.

mogrify -resize 50% -format jpg *

Where -format jpg specifies: the resultant format will be JPG.

You can also specify width and height by the following command:

mogrify -resize 800x600 -format jpg *

Find more at Image Magick