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Something wrong with Godaddy?

Lately I was trying to book new domain for my new project with godaddy and every time I tried I found that it was taken. Then I felt suspicious as I was trying with very unique name which I guess nobody can think of and with my all wonder they were all taken. Then I tried with random characters & numbers and guess what they were all taken just  have look the following screen shot.

Update: I again tried at different browser, this time I got all the domain name that were showing taken before on previous browser but again after 4 successful trial, it again started showing taken disorder then I again tried with random characters and it again showed the taken thing. I guess there is nothing wrong with godaddy but they are playing smart.

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  • mike

    This is restrictive practices by any other name and should be reported. There are other things that Godaddy are doing such as making it very difficult to transfer from google. Their website facility is truly awful and it is best to have nothing to do with them