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List of Important WordPress Plugins

Some of the Important WordPress Plugins that I found today while searching for specific plugin so thought of sharing with all. (I forgot the source)

Author(s) related plugins
01. Display about me information in the sidebar : about me widget
02. Display author photo in posts and comments : user photo
03. Display im online status for aol msn yahoo jabber skype icq : im online
04. Display yahoo messenger status : yahoo messenger online status

Admin / dashboard plugins
01. Change admin dashboard navigation style : wordpress admin bar
02. Change admin dashboard with drop down menu items : lighter menus
03. Change admin dashboard with drop down menu items : ozh’ admin drop down menu
04. Change admin skins : presentation toolkit
05. Customize dashboard menus submenus sections : dashboard editor
06. Customize dashboard with fast loading ajax functionality : ajaxed wordpress
07. Ping blogging services only once per post : maxblogpress ping optimizer
08. Use ajax powered admin dashboard : mydashboard

Ads / adsense plugins
01. Automatically insert ads before after posts : adman
02. Display ads and manage banner campaigns : adserve
03. Manage google adsense and other ad networks : adsense manager
04. Show google adsense and yahoo publisher network ypn ads : all in one adsense and ypn

Ajax plugins
01. Add ajax google search to the blog : google ajax search
02. Add ajax powered contact form : cformsii – contact form
03. Add ajax powered contact form : contact form 7
04. Add ajax powered polls : wp-polls
05. Display ajax calendar displaying posting history : ajax calendar
06. Display quotes from a collection in an ajax sidebar widget : quotes collection
07. Organize and manage page order display via ajax interface : pagemash > pagemanagement

Anti spam plugins
01. Ban users by ip address host name referer url : wp-ban
02. Stop comment spam with a simple math question : math comment spam protection
03. Stop comments spam with javascript : jsspamblock
04. Stop link spam : bad behavior
05. Stop spam spammy comments : akismet
06. Stop spam user registrations with captcha : sabre
07. Stop spammers by add captcha for comments : cryptographp
08. Stop spammers by add captcha for comments user registrations : peter’s custom anti-spam
09. Suggest some more for this list: top anti spam plugins

Archives plugins
01. Display a shorter list of months in the archive : compact archives
02. Generate a list of all posts in the archive : simple archive generator

Avatars plugins
01. Allow users to use avatars : easy gravatars
02. Allow users to use avatars : wp-gravatar

Blogroll / links plugins
01. Change the order of links in link categories with sidebar widget : my link order
02. Control manage links list with a sidebar widget : enhanced links

Bookmarks / social bookmarking plugins
01. Add button for addthis social bookmarking service : addthis sidebar widget
02. Add button for slashdot digg reddit delicious facebook google : slashdigglicious
03. Add button for social bookmarking sites : add to any share/save/bookmark button
04. Add button for social bookmarking sites : add to any subscribe button
05. Add button for social bookmarking sites : bookmarkify
06. Add button for social bookmarking sites : obsocialbookmarker
07. Add button for social bookmarking sites : social bookmarking reloaded
08. Add button for social bookmarking sites digg furl newsvine blinklist : – bookmark this!
09. Let readers post link to social bookmarking sites digg reddit : gregarious
10. Let readers post link to social bookmarking sites facebook mixx stumbleupon digg : sociable
11. Let readers post link to social bookmarking sites facebook myspace etc : sharethis

Calendars plugins
01. Add calendar to sidebar or page : events calendar
02. Display events and appointments calendar : calendar
03. See calendar showing dates with future posts scheduled : future posts calendar plugin

Categories plugins
01. Assign icons to categories : category icons
02. Change the order of categories displayed : my category order
03. Display category list cloud : category cloud widget
04. Display multiple categories lists with sidebar widget : breukie’s categories widget
05. Display posts for a given category on a page : category page
06. Exclude hide some categories of blog posts : advanced category excluder
07. Exclude hide some categories of blog posts from the front page only : front page excluded categories

Comments / commenters plugins
01. Allow audio video comments via riffly : riffly webcam video comments
02. Allow comment authors to preview their comments : ajax comment preview
03. Allow comment threading : wordpress thread comment
04. Allow commenters to subscribe to comments on a given post : subscribe to comments
05. Allow commenters to use wysiwyg editor : tinymcecomments
06. Allow readers to post comments via ajax form : ajax comment posting
07. Allow readers to post comments via ajax form : ajax comments
08. Comment authors to use avatars and previews with ajax : sexy comments
09. Display a list of most recent comments : recent comments
10. Display live preview of comments : live comment preview
11. Display top commentators in sidebar widget : top commentators widget
12. Encourage comments by giving them a link back to their latest post : commentluv
13. Open close change manage comments status in batch mode : extended comment options
14. Protect comment spam : wp-spamfree
15. Remove nofollow from links in comments : nofollow free
16. Show recent comments in sidebar : get recent comments

Counters plugins
01. Add pageviews counter to blog posts pages : wp-postviews

Database plugins
01. Automatically backup blog mysql database : wp-db-backup
02. Backup recover mysql database : backupwordpress
03. Optimize repair backup restore database : wp-dbmanager
04. Search and replace strings in the database : search and replace

Downloads plugins
01. Upload manage track downloads : wordpress download monitor

Ecommerce / make money plugins
01. Add change manage affiliate links like commission junction : wp-affiliate
02. Display items from amazon in a widget : amazon showcase wordpress widget

Email plugins
01. Allow people to recommend send blog posts pages to friends : wp-email
02. Allow readers to email you via contact form : simplemodal contact form (smcf)
03. Collect email addresses from users : wp opt-in
04. Notify registered users about new blog posts : post notification
05. Send email to all registered users : email users
06. Send new blog post email to all subscribers : subscribe2

Feeds / rss plugins
01. Add a line below posts to ask readers to subscribe to rss feed : subscribe-remind
02. Add a line of content before after articles in rss feed : rss footer
03. Add copyright information and track rss feed : copyfeed
04. Add rss feeds to blog : rssimport
05. Add rss feeds to blog : simplepie plugin for wordpress

Google plugins
01. Add google analytics to the blog : local analytics
02. Add google analytics to the blog : wp google analytics
03. Easily create maintain google maps : googlemapper
04. Easily insert google maps : xml google maps

Interactive plugins
01. Add a contact form to post page : wp contact form
02. Add a customizable guestbook blog page : dmsguestbook
03. Add a guestbook to any theme : guestbook generator
04. Add contact form with spam stopping captcha : wp contact form iii
05. Add form allowing readers to submit posts : tdo mini forms
06. Allow readers to send you sms text messages : quick sms
07. Allow readers to vote on posts : vote it up
08. Invite readers to sign up for a newsletter : newsletter subscription optin module
09. Poll blog readers : democracy

Images / photos / galleries plugins
01. Add simpleviewer flash galleries into blog posts : wp-simpleviewer
02. Allow users to crop / resize images : wp vivtiger image resizer
03. Create image gallery and flash slideshow : nextgen gallery
04. Create polaroids of images on the fly : polaroid on the fly
05. Display a slide show of images : mini-slides
06. Display facebook photos in wordpress : fotobook
07. Display flickr photos images galleries : slickr gallery
08. Display full screen slideshow presentations : wp piclens
09. Display images photos from remote gallery installation : wp-gallery-remote
10. Display images photos via flash viewer : nextgen-flashviewer
11. Display photos from picasa albums : picasa photos
12. Display photos images as galleries in posts : inline gallery
13. Display photos images from flickr : simpleflickr
14. Display photos images from flickr : wordpress flickr manager
15. Display photos images in albums galleries : dm albums
16. Display photos images portofolio of art work : awsom pixgallery
17. Display phots images galleries : photoxhibit
18. Easily include a slideshow of images : mbox
19. Organize, manage and display images photos via galleries : wp photo album
20. Overlay images on current page : lightbox
21. Overlay images on current page : lightbox 2.04
22. Overlay images on current page : lightview plus
23. Overlay images on current page : shutter reloaded
24. Overlay images on current page : simple popup images
25. Overlay images on current page : slimbox plugin
26. Overlay images on current page : thumbnail viewer
27. Quickly display photos images galleries : yet another photoblog
28. Quickly embed gallery2 photos videos content : wpg2
29. Show flickr photos : flickrrss
30. Use imageshack for graphics files in posts : imageshack uploader

Installing / upgrading plugins
01. Automatically upgrade wordpress installation : wordpress automatic upgrade
02. Stop access to blog pages when upgrading maintaining the blog : maintenance mode

Integration with other sites plugins
01. Display latest tweets from twitter : twitter for wordpress
02. Use twitter and wordpress together : twitter tools

Improve reader experience plugins
01. Automatically display different times and dates in timezones : timezonecalculator
02. Display icons before links files pdfs : file icons
03. Display small screen snap shot of outbound links : snap shots for

Login plugins
01. Add logon boxes to the meta links information : minimeta widget
02. Allow only registered users to read the blog : members only
03. Allow openid for registered users : wp-openid
04. Cutomize wordpress login page with logo and colors : bm custom login
05. Use ajax powered login page : ajax login

Misc plugins
01. Allow readers to dynamically change font size : wp-chgfontsize
02. Use wordpress to store files and access them anywhere : wp vault

Mobile / pda / iphone
01. Allow iphone pda devices users to read the blog : wordpress pda and iphone
02. Allow mobile pda users to view blog posts faster : wordpress mobile edition
03. Manage blog with iphone : wphone
04. Use the admin panels with iphone mobile pda devices : iphone / mobile admin

Music plugins
01. Add a single mp3 player in posts : audio player
02. Allow readers to play mp3 in blog posts : inline mp3 player
03. Display cd covers of songs with sidebar widget : records
04. Display recently listened songs from : for wordpress
05. Stream audio video graphic files : wordtube

Navigation plugins
01. Add advanced direct numbered page navigation links : wp-pagenavi
02. Add breadcrumb navigation links to posts : breadcrumb navxt
03. Add numbered page navigation to blog : pagebar
04. Create customized navigation of categories pages users : wordpress navigation list plugin navt
05. Display navigation trees of categories pages posts : wp-dtree 3.3.2
06. Show all pages from the root pages as a menu : sub pages widget

Optimize response time plugins
01. Cache blog pages for faster response times : wp super cache
02. Cache blog pages for faster response times : wp-cache

Pages plugins
01. Change the order of pages displayed : my page order
02. Exclude pages from navigation : exclude pages
03. Organize and manage page order display : page link manager
04. Organize and manage page order display via sidebar widget : flexi pages widget

Passwords / privacy plugins
01. Hide some post content for logged in readers only : hidepost

Pdf plugins
01. Add a convert-this-to-pdf link to blog posts : post2pdf

Php plugins
01. Execute php code in blog posts pages : inline php
02. Parse and run php code in sidebar widget : php code widget

Plugins for plugins
01. Add upgrade and delete plugins easily quickly : one click plugin updater
02. Add upgrade and delete plugins easily quickly : oneclick installer
03. Install uninstall plugins from admin panel : pluginstaller

Podcasts plugins
01. Generate full featured automatic podcast feed : podpress

Post editors plugins
01. Add an extra toolbar with advanced functions to blog post editor : visualize advanced features
02. Add more controls to wordpress wysiwyg editor : tinymce advanced
03. Add more controls to wordpress wysiwyg editor : wp super edit
04. Expand improve file upload functionality : flexible upload
05. Replace blog post editor to real wysiwyg editor : real wysiwyg
06. Replace default post editor with fckeditor : dean’s fckeditor for wordpress
07. Replace default post editor with wysiwym (what you see is what you mean) : simple wymeditor
08. Use fckeditor in places of default post editor : monsters editor for wp super edit

Posts plugins
01. Add hyperlinked footnotes to blog posts pages : wp-footnotes
02. Add mood smilies to posts : cricket moods
03. Add smilies for blog posts and comments boxes : wp grins
04. Add smilies to posts and comments : custom smilies
05. Allow php code in posts pages and text widgets : exec-php
06. Allow readers to rate blog posts : wp-postratings
07. Allow readers to rate posts using stars : post star rating
08. Allow users to edit comments on the posts : wp ajax edit comments
09. Automatically create posts from rss feeds : wp-o-matic
10. Automatically create thumbnails of posts using images in them : post thumb revisited
11. Automatically display a list of similar posts to a given post : similar posts
12. Automatically generate related posts : wordpress related posts
13. Automatically generate, edit and manage posts and pages exerpts : excerpt editor
14. Automatically link articles in a series : organize series
15. Automatically post from rss feeds : feedwordpress
16. Connect multiple posts which are in a series : in-series
17. Create multiple similar posts with a post template : post templates
18. Cross posts blog posts to facebook mini-feed : wordbook
19. Different number of posts per page for index category search archive pages : different posts per page
20. Display a list of posts with most comments : most commented
21. Display avatar for blog post author : post avatar
22. Display programming code in clean colorful way : wp-syntax
23. Display recent posts from a single category with a sidebar widget : category posts widget
24. Display related content from the blogosphere : sphere related content
25. Display related posts in a sidebar widget : relatedposts
26. List recent posts : recent posts
27. Post announcements above posts : awsom news announcement
28. Spell check posts : spell checker
29. Stick a post to the top of the blog : wp-sticky
30. Translate blog posts into foreign language : global translator
31. Use an article template for writing similar posts : article templates

Print plugins
01. Display a printable version of posts and pages : wp-print

Randomize plugins
01. Display random images from a given folder : random image widget
02. Display random images photos from a folder for different visitors : random image selector

Rotate content plugins
01. Rotate quotes with a sidebar widget : quote rotator

Seo search engine optimization plugins
01. Add change manage 301 redirects of posts pages : redirection
02. Add meta tags for search engine robots : robots meta
03. Add meta tags like keywords descriptions to posts pages : another wordpress meta plugin
04. Add meta tags to posts pages for search engine optimization : add your own headers
05. Automatically add alt and title tags to images : seo friendly images
06. Automatically generate a list of headings for a post : bsuite
07. Create a blog sitemap for google webmaster : dagon design sitemap generator
08. Create a blog sitemap for google webmaster : google xml sitemaps
09. Edit robot.txt file within wordpress admin section : kb robots.txt
10. Enforce the www of domain name : enforce www. Preference
11. Optimize blog for search engines : all in one seo pack
12. Optimize blog post titles for search engines : seo title tag
13. Optimize meta tags keywords for search engine rankings : headspace2
14. Redirect blog posts pages to other urls : page links to
15. Remove /category/ from category links : top level categories

Search plugins
01. Add spotlight like live search with an ajax popup : live search popup
02. Allow search for pages excerpts attachments comments : search everything
03. Display not found 404 page with google search : askapache google 404
04. Extend search to posts pages comments authors meta-data : search unleashed

Security plugins
01. Check wordpress installation for security vulnerabilities : wp security scan
02. Secure wp-admin folders : askapache password protect

Shopping carts plugins
01. Add a shopping cart to sell goods and services : quick shop
02. Add a shopping cart to sell products : wp e-commerce

Sidebar plugins
01. Add links to admin dashboard with sidebar widget : admin links widget
02. Display a list of random posts in a sidebar widget : random posts widget
03. Display google pagerank on the blog : google pagerank
04. Display rss feed in sidebar : kb advanced rss widget
05. Post short quick posts in the sidebar : sideblog wordpress plugin
06. Track a countdown to/from an event goal : countdown timer
07. Track a countdown to/from an event goal : kb countdown widget

Stats / statistics plugins
01. Add google analytics code to all blog pages : google analyticator
02. Add google analytics code to all blog pages : google analytics for wordpress
03. Add google analytics code to all blog pages for blog stats : ultimate google analytics
04. Capture stats on rss feeds usage : feedstats
05. Capture visitor stats like hits visits os browser dimensions search words : cystats
06. Capture visitor stats pageviews hits referring uri browser information : counterize ii
07. Collect visitor stats like pageviews ip geocoding browser : official statcounter plugin
08. Counts users categories posts comments pages links tags word counts : generalstats
09. Display blog stats like posts pages comments : wp-stats
10. Display blog stats like visitors spiders search keywords feeds browsers : statpress
11. Display number of users online information in real-time : wp-useronline
12. Display visitors on google map : wp guestmap
13. Manage and track file downloads stats : wp-downloadmanager
14. See blog visitor statistics and graphs : stats
15. Track blog readers visitors traffic stats in real-time : wassup

Tags / tagging plugins
01. Add tag cloud with sidebar widget : simple tagging widget
02. Display tag cloud : configurable tag cloud (ctc)
03. Display tag cloud : new tag cloud
04. Display tag cloud : simple tags

Themes plugins
01. Add skins to themes : skinner
02. Test drive themes while visitors see default theme : theme test drive

Users plugins
01. Synch bbpress and wordpress user registrations : bbpress integration

Upload plugins
01. Securely upload and cleanly rename uploaded files : upload+

Videos / youtube / flash / flv / swf plugins
01. Display flash swf movies videos : wp-swfobject
02. Display multiple youtube playable videos as thumbnails : daiko’s youtube widget
03. Display video media files easily : flash video player
04. Display youtube videos in sidebar widget : berri youtube gallery
05. Easily add youtube videos : smart youtube plugin
06. Easily display and manage youtube videos : wp youtube
07. Easily embed flash content swf files : pb-embedflash
08. Easily embed flv videos : flv embed
09. Easily upload and publish videos : wp-vidavee
10. Quickly add videos from youtube google brightcove myspace veoh : wordpress video plugin
11. Quickly add videos from youtube google video : embedded video with link
12. Quickly add videos from youtube google video ifilm metacafe myspace : viper’s video quicktags
13. Quickly add youtube and google videos : easytube

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