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How to reset google apps admin password

This question really bothers me so I’m writing post on it –

To reset your administrator password, please begin with these steps:

  1. Go to the control panel login page for your domain, or enter your domain name in the box below and click Go to get to the proper login page.
  2. Click I cannot access my account.
  3. Click Reset your admin password.


If you were not able to make it this far, you might have gotten a Server Error when navigating to the control panel login page. If your control panel login page says Server Error, click herefor instructions.

By clicking Reset your admin password, you should reach a password assistance page with a CAPTCHA. Type the letters in the picture and click Submit.

If the reset your password link takes you to the help center instead of the page with a CAPTCHA, the automated password reset option is disabled for your domain. All domains with more than 500 user accounts do not have access to the automated password reset option. If you have more than 500 user accounts and can’t access your control panel, click here.