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Learn how to use Facebook and Twitter only for £4,400

Today I was chatting with my friend through facebook who recently joined it, she was telling me how Birmingham City University is offering a course on how to use Facebook and Twitter only for £4,400 first I didn’t believe her cause I know facebook fever is going high but £4,400 is too high to get that fever.

Later when I went through that news which was published on Pune Mirror I was confirmed that yes they are teaching how to use Facebook and other social media but as communicationa and marketing tools and lot more with MA degree in Social Media

“During the course we will consider what people can do on Facebook and Twitter, and how they can be used for communication and marketing purposes.”

“There has been significant interest in the course already, and it will definitely appeal to students looking to go into professions including journalism and PR” “

Meanwhile if you really want to learn how to use facebook then here I’ll provide few tips and links to learn.

I searched through the Google and I found plenty of search results which will teach you how to use it. The only problem that most people face learning facebook is that they don’t want to put their effort to learn. One of my friend keep asking “Is there a book to learn how to use facebook” and keep making excuses that

– Facebook is complicated than Orkut.

– It is not use friendly.

– They keep changing their user interface.

– there is too many confusing things games, applets and addons.

and tons of other excuses

I just said him if you really want to learn it then “Keep your eyes open and read the instructions


Best thing I like about facebook is that it is so far perfect tool to get connected with your small world. You get to know about every move of your friends and they’ll know about yours. Interact through comments over your status or whats on your mind. If you start a group you don’t have to put any effort to make it big eg – “FIND YOUR LOOK-ALIKE IN THE WORLD !”  it has on

WEDNESDAY 11 MARCH.10:40 >>> 400 MEMBERS !

now, they have  TUESDAY31MARCH09:35>>>>>3000000 MEMBERS!

the beauty of the facebook is that you don’t have to yell aloud, even your wishper can create huge hurricane if people loves that.

Learn How to use Facebook for free?

– For the new users

Here is quick six steps from registration to finding friends to setting up profile.

– Facebook Video Tutorials

– How to make Facebook chat smileys


12 Ways to Use Facebook Professionally

“Let’s look at 12 ways Facebook can benefit the web worker, particularly those who are home-based. The more connected you are to your co-workers and clients without being intrusive, the better your working relationship.”


When I first time used twitter I didn’t get it whats the use of sending tweets (your updates) and after three years (began in March 2006) it has become a phenomenon often known as SMS of Internet. Today  blog entry ranks Twitter as the third largest social network (Facebook being the largest, followed by MySpace). It’s tweets becoming so popular that even facebook recently revamps its status features of “what are doing” to “whats on your mind”.


How to Use Twitter?

It is one of the most simplest form of social networking sites, so I think no one will find any difficulty to use it but still here are some links to learn how ot use it productively-

Some Video Tutorials for Twitter

well simple funda to kearn them as I said search and “Keep your eyes open andread the instructions

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