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Steorn are still open but not sure about Alive!!

I’m following Steorn from very beginning so much time has passed still not a single authentic news from Steorn side. I’m very hopeful that these guys will be successful but as times passes my hopes are converting into doubts.

so i went discussion forum of Steorn and i’ve got following from steornSkeptic

which gave me some relief that these guys hasn’t shut down their shop and ran away.

“I know this doesn’t add anything to the debate about Orbo but two weeks ago I was in Dublin & decided to go see where the Steorn offices were. With the address from their website in hand and my Sat Nav programmed I headed off for the Docklands. After arriving in the general area it took me over 15 mins to find the industrial estate!(I was beginning to think it didn’t exist) But my trip wasn’t in vain as I found their building & yes the lights were indeed still on!! There were no guards protecting the door or obvious high tech security systems… but they do have one camera! I didn’t see any jurors coming in or out but maybe they were on lunch!!
Unfortunately due to the fact that I need to grow a pair & the fact that my family were in the car with me I didn’t actually step through the door. The best I could do was take a picture through the window!! (not a great one I must say!!)
If I’d planned a bit better I could have contacted someone there in advance to see if I could have a tour & see the devices in operation (or a bunch of parts on a table formally known as Orbo!)

Maybe next time!”

have a look at these links

Inducción Eléctrica Inercial

Dispatches from the Future

# my 1st post on steorn

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  • Rajesh

    Hiii Arthur,
    thanks a lot for the update, it really gave me some hope that we’ll have better world.
    i wish these Steorn guys will come up wid Orbo as soon as possible.

  • Arthur

    Hey Rajesh

    this page was linked from the Steorn forum. I thought I’d reply to you. I too have been to Dublin, seen the offices, and some of the people involved, and there is definitely something afoot – within a few weeks I reckon we’ll see something huge.