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Sort your information overload

We are living in age of information, that’s good cause all we have to do for our daily bread is that to acquire information and with the dawn of internet age we have zillions n’ zillions of them cluttered throughout the web, sometimes I wonder if we could ever be able to organize this clutter.

Every year billions of billions new information is generating that’s great but what’s the use of it if we cannot able to use it, this piling of WebPages one over other connected with infinite links drown us. Whenever we log into the web we catch up in SCREEN SINKING and keep on sinking by the time we manage our self to get out of it we find our self end up with nothing.

This happens many times with us we completely forget our primary objective and caught up with other unnecessary links which drastically affect our personal and professional productivity.

To get out of this SCREEN SINKING habit we need to sort our relevant information priorities and stick with that for that I use excel sheet to maintain To-Surf list which helps me to stick with relevant information for my primary objective that’s simple but if we use it solves our tons of problems.

Here are few points I take care to get rid of Information overload-

  1. Just write down what is important to you and rest is just irrelevant and unimportant mere information clutters don’t bother about them.
  2. Thumb rule is that 99.99% of information out there is to irrelevant us, we can survive without them.
  3. Use filters to sort relevant and important information to you by using various tools available like Google reader, Yahoo pipes etc.

I use Google alter to update myself with relevant information to me, but I believe that there is BIG scope for perfect information filter tool which will one day assure that whatever important to me will find its way to me while I’ll be having fun in real world away from fear of getting obsolete.