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who is making money from Web 2.0?

It is being said that in silicon valley everyday on an average 10 new company shows up and 9 of them die young. Web 2.0 is very vibrant in nature running on millions of dollar in VCs. The question is how many of them are actually making money apart from their pocket expenses surely none of them.

But those who are defining the web 2.0 are making big money in conferences like –

  • Rajesh

    @Chadrack: yes, you are right

  • Chadrack

    Your post seem not to really reveal the idea of your topic. But reading between the lines i think you’re trying to say not many people are making money with web 2.0 except those who are running the conferences.

    That I think is quite true. Making yourself an authority in the market is sure way of making the money. With tickets as high as $2995 and $3795 each those guys are really smiling to the bank!

  • James

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