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7 ways to find out what people are searching for – Top search keywords

Yes again 7 ways, seven seems to be my luck no. like of Enrique Iglesias. Yesterday one of my post hit with more than hundred thousand visits which was quite surprising for me because I never knew that hundred thousands of people out there are searching for that particular keyword. So I tried to find what exactly people are looking for.

1) Google ZeitgeistI came across with Google Zeitgeist which tells about Search patterns, trends, and surprises, What people are searching for at Google and it’s a specialty services in a different of categories. Also there are search pattern versions for different countries.

“Search statistics are automatically generated based on the billions of searches conducted on Google. With some help from humans, and a pigeon or two when they have time, these statistics and trends make their way from the depths of Google’s hard drives to become the Google Zeitgeist findings.” – Google Zeitgeist

It shows cumulative snapshot of interesting queries people are asking – over time, within country domains, and on

Just look at top search patterns of year 2007

Just have a look at some of these top searches from 5 different interesting categories-

  1. Google News Most Popular Searches (global) – American idol
  2. Ringtones –Mosquito ringtone
  3. Who is.. . – Who is god
  4. What is…What is love
  5. How to.. How to kiss

2) Yahoo Buzz Its Shows what’s hot and what’s not in terms of search topics at Yahoo seems like a Digg competitor, who knows may be in coming year buzz word will be Buzz it over Digg it.

It has different sections like – Overall, Actors, Movies, Music, Sports , TV, Video Games , Decliners

Today’s Top 5 searches from overall section are

1) Valentines Day
2) Debbie Clemens
3) American Idol
4) Danica Patrick
5) Si Swimsuit Issue

3) AOL Hot Searches – They have got wide range of categories

Find out what’s Hot on AOL Search

2) Northern Illinois University
3) Waterboarding
4) Jane Fonda
5) ‘Lost’

4) Search Engine Watch – It provides top search rating and stats like top 10 Search Terms in 10 Categories, January 2008, apart from it, provides very useful information like Search Engine Optimization some of these are –

5) Ask IQ: Find out top searches at Ask.

Top Searches

1) MySpace Web
2) Hosting
3) Family Guy
4) Hannah Montana
5) Online Dictionary

6) dWozIt has Compiled lists of keywords and search phrases, sometimes with commentaries and trends.

7) MSN Search Insider I kept this at the last cause URL ain’t working anymore I don’t what happened to it. Later I found Insider Guide but again it’s not what I’m looking for. May be Microsoft has abandoned the project.

“The MSN Search Insider website shows the top 200 search queries on MSN Search in random order, top movers in Music, TV and Sports. Though the website states that the data is updated weekly but I think they are not updating it any more.” – Digital Inspiration