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I’ve Been busy, have abandoned this blog for long time, been writing just this and that just rambling no fix topics, got max hit on ultra surf post with 66,911 hits and 151 comments.

There are currently 29 posts and 256 comments, contained within 34 categories. just 29 posts.

Though I do have a lot of things that wanna talk about but just haven’t got the time and energy to blog. So I thought to REVAMP.

today i just fix the logo which took me 10 minutes of hands on Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Till now i haven’t put on any adsense to make money which means i’m paying everything right from my pocket but now i’m thinking that i need should put on some light ads .

I’m thinking of writing in fix topics like personal development/ tech/GTDs but then i think almost every 9/10 blogs write about tech, GTDs and all, I need to find some unique topics so i thought of discovering self.

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  • nidhi

    i like the look of your blog…..looks good, guess u can take sometime to help me out as well…..and need some advice to get myself to blog again u know…

  • http://sayednoufalkvm sayed noufal kvm

    hai send me i like u

  • nidhi narayan

    whats with this discovering stuff….u dont have time, thats fair, most of us are having a lack of it, but know what if u think of it most of the time is lost doing things which r much secondary………..its like we r losing focus on more imp things for things which look imp an dserious but actually are not……….prirotise and judge what imp and whats not…

  • hem

    Hey Rajesh,, ur ultra surf post was very popular.. from where are u getting so much of visitors…