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Orkut vs. Face book – whats new??

Orkut has just launched new feature – updates notifier of your friends, I found this new feed system just like of Facebook’s News feed, an ace over Orkut which I think they have just realized and added this new feature.

“well it’s be better late then never”

Updates notifier from orkut

News feed of Facebook

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  • abhishek

    sir in my ofc orkut was blocked how i will use the orkut can u help me

  • N.C.Yathindran

    Great blog man .How abt a link exchange???

  • Rajesh

    Sorry i mistakenly deleted u’r comment but… Orkut is very simple.. no fancy features.. but thatz it’s strong point…… In India and Brazil u almost find everyone in orkut…. i found my 5 standard friend from orkut.. also met wid many lost friends…..

  • Rajesh

    yepp… u can say that it’s Google’s Strong contestant in Social networking …

  • MerDuriaN

    You just mentioned orkut on previous post. Which means Google is trying to beat Facebook by launching Orkut right?

  • Rajesh

    @Hem: Agree.. It is popular in India and Brazil only but facebook is popular all over the world…..

  • hem

    Orkut doesn’t have much features but its popular…

  • Rajesh

    @ Anand : yepp….

    @ AJi: Thanx for suggestion…well i’m changing it to white theme….

    @ chamatkaribaba: I also didn’t liked at 1st glance but later i loved it……..

  • chamatkaribaba

    But, I did not like Orkut’s new look. Old One was better for me.

  • AjiNIMC – wrote about “Questions for your employer (Hiring Manager)”

    I need to explore it .. thanks for letting us know (btw ur theme is tooo dark , I had to search for the submit button)

  • Anand

    True… i also saw this new feature when one of friends made some changes in his profile…