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Orkut – Now Scrap in photos, videos, audio, and flash widgets

I’ve just discovered that, we can now paste in photos, videos, audio, and flash widgets in scraps book of Orkut. it’s amazing….. but i hope this won’t give extra edge to spammers….

  • Add images
    Copy and paste urls ending in .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp and the image will appear in the scrap.
    for example,
  • Add videos from YouTube and Google Video
    Copy and paste the url and the video will appear in the scrap.
    for example,
  • Add podcast/audio
    Copy and paste the url of an audio file and an audio player will appear in the scrap.
    for example,
  • Add html-embeddable objects
    Create or upload your content at sites such as,, or Copy and paste the html embed code to share it with your friends.


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  • veradis


    I want to add a flex widget to orkut scrap book which is on my website, on clicking a button in my wiget itself. Ill provide orkut user name and password. The widget should be added to scrapbook directly without redirecting me to orkut page. How can i do it. Please help me.


  • vishu


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  • fornetti

    I do not believe this

  • Romeo

    I was just checking that has great orkut images, flash, quotes etc.

    I just thought to share it with you guys.

    – Romeo

  • Rupesh

    Did you know ? you can club an image with the scrap text…
    Yes ! i.e., Put ur favorite image as the scrap background and the scrap text on it
    Chk the website for more information.

    Also, PhotoBook (new) launched @ !!

    chk them !

  • http://video nayane

    ñ sei como colocar minha foto1

  • Rajesh

    thanx to all…

  • Raj

    Yeah, even I noticed that 2 days back but haven’t tried adding videos yet.

  • Anand

    Hi Sir,
    Thanks so much for your comment over at my blog… Yeah, I was a bit confused until yesterday when I saw pictures in scraps… but now that is cleared, thanks for the info. 🙂
    I do visit your blog, and its just rockin’ 🙂

  • chamatkaribaba

    good info
    This is my blog. Plz see some good photoa from India. There, you can see Taj Mahal.

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  • hem

    As u cand put scrap in HTML then it must allow all html tags that means photo.. video or anything…. u can even display your feed preview from your blog in their scrap (dynamic one ) i guess..

  • avichal

    good info….