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Star Trek Area Network (STAN)

This is a remarkable journey of Computer Networks, STAN… will it be ever possible in our life time..??


Courtesy : Irvan Tambunan

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  • sanjay

    hi i ma copmputer manager

  • marco

    Wer hat berechnet das Stan bis 71000000 km geht? Wäre es möglich mit solchen Geräten auf kurze Distanz enorme Datenmengen zu Transportieren? Sprechen wir da von Richtstrahlen?

  • Rajesh

    @Fajar: yepp everything is possible… but there is something called time frame….

  • Fajar


    now everything is possible right ?


  • Rajesh

    welcome to my blog… Well I’m not confuse but bit uncertain about it in near future…

  • Irvan

    nice to meet you. 😀
    btw, i am still confuse about my posting…