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How to host your Website from your PC??


This may end your long lasting search for free hosting servers, coz this time you gonna host by and for yourself what you need is a personal computer (PC) and a broadband internet connection and a magic wand…. kidding you just need a Purplenova, a software developed by Infinishare Technologies (Pune based company)

well here is a quick session of what and how??

What is Purplenova?
Purplenova is a Internet product that allows you to host files, websites and Web-Services directly from your PC.

What you can host?

all types of files including Word documents, Powerpoints, Spreadsheets, music play-lists, Photo Albums, Webpages, and even Web-Services directly from your PC.

Who has the Control?
You are in full control of the hosting, and only the files you explicitly select for hosting are accessible. People DO NOT get access to your PC, nor can they write to or modify your files in any way. The content is served in a SECURE way.

and How??
Each hosted file gets a Unique Resource Locator (URL). When the reader enters the URL to access the files, the file-content is accessed from your PC and delivered to the reader”s browser. You can choose to make such transmissions SECURE, in which case the file contents are transmitted encrypted end-to-end, leveraging the SSL protocol. Unless you have explicitly cached your files, your computer needs to be ON when the content is accessed by the reader.

5 simple steps to host your files…
Step 1: Download Purplenova installable from the link on the home page.

Step 2: Once the file is installed double click on it. The Installation takes you through 3-4 standard screens. Keep the default options in case of doubt.

Step 3: Run the software by clicking on the icon on the desktop or through your “Start” menu. When you run the software for the first time, it will ask you to select a username and password. No personal information, or credit card information is required other than your email address.

Step 4: To host (share) a file, simply drag and drop it from Windows Explorer into the Purplenova Window (screen shot below).

Step 5: Right click on the shared file, and from the menu, select “Copy URL”. Send the URL to the intended recipients via email, Internet Messenger or any other means. All they have to do is enter the URL into a browser to access your file. Please see the screen shot below

In short, Purplenova is a cool way to SECURELY deliver content end-to-end without any risk to your computer!

Link:Purplenova: Site n’ Blog n’ Download
Courtesy: Hem
Image Courtesy:MT and Purplenova