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Dynamic Blogroll – LinkedList

Links or blogroll is an effective way to stay connected with your blog friends and also some how it helps to increase traffic in a very mutual way, zillion times I visited blog of a friend but never bother to notice unique blog links, today when he posted a comment “Take a look at this…” I found an interesting way of linking together.

What is it?

Its’ all about LinkedList it’s a small JavaScript plugin for displaying a list of links to websites in the order by which they were last updated. Typically, you would use it on your blog to provide links to other blogs/websites, your blogroll in other words.

Developed by Prateek Rungta and Karan Misra

What’s the benefit?

Every time you don’t have to go to each and every link to check for the updates or latest posts you can find it by just having a look at you links

Well it’s true that you can do the same with Google reader still it gives a lil edge over plain links.

If you want one here you can find it – LinkedList

And if you don’t want then good luck with your RSSreaders….