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Useful WordPress Plugins by Deziner Folio


    • Adsense-Deluxe: Put your adsense ads wherever you want them, including within your posts.
    • Askimet: Checks comments on your website against their lists and determines whether it is just spam or a genuine comment.
    • No Ping Wait: Speeds up posting by changing the way wordpress pings your posts.
    • Subscribe to Comments: Allows a commentor to be notified if a response has been posted to their comment.
    • Related Posts: Shows your reader a list of posts related to the one they are currently viewing.
    • Popularity Contest: Tracks page views, feed views, comments, and trackbacks. Also has the ability to display your stats on your blog.
    • Auto Meta: Auto creates META Tags based on the content of every post.
    • Search Pages: This forces your run of the mill WP search to query pages as well as posts, instead of only posts.
    • Search Everything: Another (Dan might say a better) plugin that adds the ability to search pages and posts.
    • Auth Image: Simple Authentication for commenting ( Spam Fighting)

    • Spot Milk: Changes the look of you admin pages.
    • Admin Drop Down Menu: In your admin panel, instead of having to navigate to the top-level menu and then to the sub-menu, you can simply move your mouse over the top-level menu and then to the sub-menu function you wish to use.

    • PXS Mail Form: Creates a feedback form for your visitors, with verification.
    • Sociable: Automatically add links on your posts to popular social bookmarking sites.

Courtesy: Deziner Folio