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Got New Fresh theme Template


Got new template (Fresh Theme) finally made up mind and chose this particular template; actually I got it from my Italian Twin Kagliostro, thanks man for the templateJ. But still there are certain things which is bothering me like I didn’t liked the blue colour contrast of the template it is too deep somehow I was looking for colour contrast as of it’s designer “Bartelme”, also I didn’t like it’s strange looking light bluish divider hmm I got to design by myself a soothing well crafted divider, I can design a whole template but the main constraint is time I’m just unable to devote time more than an hour to my blog in a day coz I’m working totally in a different sector of industry or you can say different paradigm where there is no space for these things may be this is one reason I’m thinking of changing this sector. Well I’ve sent SOS to expert of this template (Kagliostro) for tweaking it cause seriously I don’t have time to re-invent wheel.