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Google Apps Team is Shutting Down – Why I Should Not Worry?


Google Says –

We introduced Google Apps for Teams in 2008 to allow people with a verified business or school email address to collaborate using non-email applications from Google like Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Talk. Over time, we realized that Google Apps for Teams was not as useful for people as we originally anticipated. Beginning September 4, 2012, we’ll start converting existing Google Apps for Teams accounts into personal Google Accounts, and shutting down Google Apps for Teams. This change does not affect other editions of Google Apps.”

Now days under the Larry’s leadership, Google is in razor sharp FOCUS and SHUT DOWN MODE, shutting down all the unnecessary or less used things over the time. Shutting down Google Apps Team is part of it.

Small companies like us heavily rely on Google Apps for daily Emails and Google Docs for collaboration. So is it the end of era of free emails and docs for small businesses?

Wait, Do not panic, it is not.

Our major concern with Google Apps is Free Emails for small businesses? will it be affected?

Google Apps Free Email is something which is most widely used and they can not afford to shut it down, they are only shutting down the Google Apps Team – Gtalk, Calender,  Docs. But it doesn’t mean that these will just vanish into thin air but they are converting Google Apps Team into Google personal account which we did that around 2 years ago for [Link 1Link 2] when they 1st introduced this option, now days our team members do not see anywhere which means we are using Google Personal Account services. and guess what we didn’t loose our email address which is and we are still using Google docs.

Why they are shutting down Google Apps Team, I have following thoughts –
  1. Good for Google Biz – They want to make it exclusive only for Google Apps Business and Enterprise (Now Business with Vault) package.
  2. Good for us – With Google Personal account we can have access to all Google services not just limited to few services.
  3. Good for Google – By Converting Google Apps Team into Google Personal Account, they want to keep us under umbrella of new Google Privacy Terms and Conditions for Google personal accounts which is applicable to any Google services you use you can’t run away from them.
Do we need to worry?
I guess not. Our worry point is only free emails and I feel that they never going to shut it down in next 5 years coz free 10 emails are their business preposition (touch wood, you never know about Google, as they can afford to close it down we can’t even protest it).
To clarify your doubts further you may refer to –


More – 

Here is what happens when your Google Apps Team account is shutdown and converted into Google Personal Account.




How To Remove Superfish from Your Browser?


What is Superfish?
Apparently – it is some kind of ‘price comparison’ browser extension or something like that which tries to tell you which product you’re searching for and it tells you prices from different suppliers, I never even heard of it, before it started annoyingly popping up in my browser.

Why the Heck it is Showing in My Browser?
Seriously I do not know why it is keep coming whenever I visit any shopping site and open any product page I find it right there guarding the actual small thumbnail  images of product and very annoyingly & intrusively shows different alternative products and prices? and I never installed it, it is like some kind of adware and worse part is I can not uninstall it as when I go to extension settings and I find NO Superfish there.

How do I Remove It?
I Googled, I Googled hard to find the solution for it but tough luck everywhere I found that people were suggesting to remove the extension but problem is I do not see it in my extension settings. Then today when I was browsing ebay I opened one product page and as usual Superfish popped up, usually I click on cross option to close it but accidently I mouse over the main image of product, what happened is a bigger Starfish pop up box opened I was like what the Heck? then there at the bottom of that bigger pop up box I found an option to remove it, once I clicked it surprisingly it went off.

I couldn’t take the screen shot, later when I tried to re-install it just to make this tutorial I couldn’t find, the screenshot at the bottom I took it from Google images, It is not showing remove option but trust me it is right there at the bottom of that pop up box.

[Case Study] How To Get a Cool Job in Social Media


Are  you looking for cool jon in Social media then here is a very cool case study on how you can actually get one. All you need is combination of Skill+Creativity and lil effort.

One of the hottest job markets at the moment is the world of social media. At the most recent Social Media London meetup we were fortunate enough to have our friend and social media recruiter Steve Ward of Cloud Nine Recruitment speaking. He recruits people to do social media marketing for both agencies and companies around the UK and internationally, and he is always happy to share his best ideas to candidates.

4 common denominators of successful job searches:

  1. Creativity – how is your social backbone? Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook profiles, what do they say? Are they effective and is the message loud and clear?
  2. Connectivity – who do you need to be connected to? Listen, talk, read, connect, ask, meet, coffees, find industry leaders, comment and share.
  3. Communication – are you talking with the right people effectively? Don’t be afraid, communicate positively, become intately visible, be generous.
  4. Authenticity – be transparent, be honest, be enthusiastic and above all be YOU!

>>How To Get a Cool Job in Social Media [Slides & Video] | The Undercover Recruiter Blog

Skydrive is Yet not Ready to be Called Cloud Drive


Today, I was trying to find alternatives to “Awesome Dropbox” as you never know what may go wrong and when I read Dropbox’s Polices they say they have rights to delete your account without any warning which sent chills to my spine, I just can not imagine life without files which I have stored their as Safe Heaven as recently our two hard disk got corrupted and i know how Feeble are DVDs and external drives.

As I explored Skydrive I found it is yet not ready although it does give whooping 25GB of Space but it lacks lots of “So Obvious Features” which are very necessary to work in cloud.

and they are –

  1. Skydrive or Windows Live Mesh? – They operate with two different things, Skydrive is for Web based file storage which is not so cloud in nature if we compare to dropbox as it does not has any desktop application and without that it becomes too difficult to maintain back ups of your files, every time we have to just upload it web there is no syncing feature but wait they do have syncing feature but they call it Windows Live Mesh.. wow what an interesting name ain’t so? the name really sux. Why they just can’t keep it as Skydrive or just as Syncing desktop feature to skydrive?
  2. Cumbersome Desktop Syncing – Just checkout the screenshot below, You can sync any folder but when visit that folder their is no way to know that if folder is synced or not? Unlike in Dropbox they show green icon if file is synced and blue if it is in process of syncing.
  3. Insufficient info – When you right click on it’s icon at system tray then you simply find 3 options signin, open Mesh and exit. and when you open Mesh there is no way to know how many files are synced or how many left or how many space is used or free. But if you check Dropbox then you may find all info and options which is required.
  4. At the end the only feeling i got “It Sux”

[How to] Set Goals in Google Analytics for Facebook Apps Thank You Page


 I came across this question when I checked my official mails this morning.

Problem: How to Set Goals in Google Analytics for Facebook Apps Thank you page?

Description : Why it is a problem? as there is only one static URL in Facebook Apps, So we can not use it as Thank you page in Goal Settings. One single solution that 1st came into my mind was to use the domain URL of apps where it is hosted as Facebook is fetching it from iFrame so if we use the domain URL of apps it may work, but life ain’t that simple, the apps we created is with Like Gate which means we can not proceed to further pages unless we like the page and in domain URL there is no way to get into further pages, also I tried to get URL manually but all it came as .tpl format and once I hit the enter .tpl file get downloaded.

Solution: When I discussed it with my team, many went into deep thinking mode of how to solve this problem, But one came with easy solution.

Virtual Pageviews

Use the _trackPageview() method along with a URL you fabricate in order to track clicks from users that do not lead to actual website pages on your site. In general, we recommend you use Event Tracking for tracking downloads, outbound links, PDFs or similar kinds of user interactions. This is because virtual pageviews will add to your total pageview count. However, if you want to configure goals based on clicks to PDFs or downloads, you need to use this method (but be aware that these clicks will be tallied as part of your overall pageview count). For tracking Flash or Silverlight content, we recommend that you use the Adobe Flash Tracking library or the Microsoft Silverlightcomponent.

We need to add this line –

_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/downloads/pdfs/corporateBrief.pdf’]);

You can replace “/downloads/pdfs/corporateBrief.pdf” in the example above with any URL or filename you choose.

Here is how the Google Analytics Code may look like –

// _gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/downloads/pdfs/corporateBrief.pdf']); (function() { var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })(); // ]]>

[How To] Fix Facebook Custom Page Tab Icon Images Getting Changed After Being Uploaded


Today I was working with one of our client in New Facebook Page Timeline and It’s Custom Tabs Icon, I faced strange problem.

Problem –  When I tried to upload new icon image for our tab it was showing some other icon image randomly selected from out of the blue moon. 

Possible Reason – There appears to be a limit of 10,000 tab images for an app. When a tab image gets uploaded a number between 0 and 9999 gets assigned to the tab image creating a url like this:

The last part 6562 is what seems to be randomly allocated and limited from 0 to 9999. For apps with large numbers of users like the Static HTML Iframe Tab, users quickly fill up the allotted 10000 slots and when new tab images are uploaded, it overrides an existing tab image which then changes the image on the original page.


1) Difficult One :  Setup Your own custom apps hosted on apps system. When you setup their own apps, only you are uploading tab images for that app reducing the chance of this happening. Pretty confusing right?

2) Easiest One : Keep trying uploading your icon image again and again till your image appears in my case I tried till 15 times so be patient while doing that.



New Facebook Page Design – The GAME Changer


Two weeks ago in our SHU Community we were discussing about the Facebook’s Next Big change for Brand pages and how it may affect all of us.

And today Facebook has finally started rolling out it’s 1st phase of Change, when I visited my page this morning Facebook notified me –

“On March 30, 2012, all Facebook Pages will get a new design. Preview your page now to see what it looks like and try out the new features.”

Here are few of the major changes I noticed –

1. Brand New Page Design for Brand Page – The new page design is exactly the carbon copy of Profile timeline, except the LIKES Tab which is similar to Subscriber in Profile.

2. New Tab Design – Tabs has always been major part of marketing tool for all Brands & Digital Marketing companies, checkout how the new tabs may look like –

3. Tab’s Fav Icon – For those who are into serious Branding checkout how tab’s fav icon looks like, I found it pretty cool.

4. The GAME Changer – You must be wondering why I have kept the name of this blog post as Game Changer, so here is the surprise for all Brands and Marketeers – Default Landing Tab is Now Obsolete. Yes, those who are into Facebook Marketing knows how important is default landing tab and Welcome page for pre and post like actions. It was one of the most widely used marketing technique to force the visitors to LIKE the brand pages and increase no. of likes.

I have no idea why Facebook discontinued it but I’m sure Facebook will soon come out with some other technique to help out all Brands after all Facebook is the biggest PRO Business Company in world.

Here you can find live examples of new Facebook Page –


How to Get Up to 16GB of Extra Free Space on Dropbox


Dropbox is amazing and 2GB free space we get is really not enough. So I tried to find out how to get extra space.

Here are few known techniques to increase the Dropbox space upto ~16GB –

1) Get 640 MB of Free Dropbox SpaceBy Connecting Your Social Networking Accounts –

2) Earn up to 8GB of Dropbox Space By Referring Friends

Best of all is Friends referral, Whenever your friend or client asks for any big files just introduce them dropbox and give them your referral link which you may get from

and help them to –

  • Create Account
  • Install it
  • Get it configure

Remember that if they complete these 3 steps then only you’ll get extra space.

3) Complete the “Getting Started”– Complete all of the tasks listed there to earn 250 MB. –

4) The Official Dropbox Guide To Getting More Space! –

5) Get Up to 4.5GB of Extra Space on Dropbox for Uploading Photos and Videos

They are testing their automatic photo and video uploading feature. In exchange for trying their experimental build, you can get up to 4.5GB of extra space for free. Here is how you can get that –

1. Download & Install their Dropbox Beta Installation – 

(The photo import feature is not available on Mac 10.4 and Linux. You gotta Transfer/Upload Videos)

2. Add Photos/Video by Camera/SD Card to your Comp – Just plug/insert your SD Card/Camera and import via Dropbox, On Windows, this feature relies on Autoplay. Please enable Autoplay to use this feature if you have disabled it.

3. You’ll see Photos/Videos are getting uploaded

4. Either successfully imported and sync’ed 4GB worth of unique photo(s) or video(s), to get the 4GB credit.

Make sure you do not mix the Photo/Video importing together. Do just Photo(s) or just Video(s) at a time.

Following this, you will only need to upload exactly 4.5GB of data to get 5GB of credit space. Tho, uploading more would ensure those credit counts. 4GB of it being either Photo(s) or 4GB Video(s) then a +500MB of either Photo(s) or Video(s).

5. New Dropbox Interface–  If you visit dropbox then you’ll find new interface along with increase space.


[How To] Block Unwanted/SPAM Emails at Gmail Account


One of my friend asked –

Hi rajesh.. how do u block unwanted email at gmail account? the steps please. not spam i just want to block it Foreverrr… drives me crazy :)thanks thanks…

I often get this question by many of my friends So I thought I must share solutions with everyone.

I replied her –
[Read following in dramatic way 😉 ]

Congratulations Today is your lucky day, As today you are going to break free of SPAM. Yes SPAM free life.

Here are different Solutions
1. Smart Labels –

  • Go to Mail Settings
  • Click Labs
  • Look for “Smart Labels”
  • Click Enable
  • Go down and Save Changes.

– What happens is your all uncessary mails will go to different smart labels/folders.
– Now go to each Label i.e. Bulk, Forums, Notifications etc, check at right side top you’ll find “Archive incoming Forums (skip the Inbox)” just enable to stop mails appearing them in inbox.
– I know it is not exactly what u are looking for but trust me it’ll reduce your 50% of your headache.

2. Filters –
Whenever you receive such mails

  • Select that mail
  • Click More
  • Click “Filter Massages like these”
  • Click Next Step
  • If you don’t want any more mails from that email address then simply select “delete” option
  • and Click Create Filter.

– Now all your mails from that email ID will be directly deleted.
– You can try with various filters options.

3. Simply Unsubscribe –
Many times our email address get automatically subscribed to many newsletters and other similar services in various ways which I will expalin some other day but the point is if you receive such mails then simply open that mail and find unsubscribe link and unsubscribe yourself. This way you can reduce your unwanted mails by 30%

4. Precaution –
From next time use some other email address to signup new services. As you may like to keep your personal email ID simply for personal use. I can understand how outrageous you feel when you check your inbox in 5-6 days gap and find filled with 200-300 mails and 90% of them are unwanted.

Happy Emailing 😉

[How to] Set up Your Domain Name email Address with Google Apps


Here is a quick tips on how to set up your domain name email address with Google Apps so that you can use powerful gmail as

Step 1:

  1. GoTo
  2. Add your domain name (website)
  3. Sign up for Google Apps – Your Name, Your Organization, how many users, etc…

Step 2:
Setup the Primary Master account – Username and password 

Step 3: Google Apps setup wizard.
  1. You need to verify that you own the domain. For this you can choose any one from the options. :
    • Add a DNS record to your domain configuration.
    • Link to your Google Analytics account if you are already set up there.
    • Upload an HTML file to your server.
    • Add a meta tag to your site’s home page.
  2. Just click Next, Next, Next and follow the instructions

Step 4: Activate your email.

  1. Select your host site from the drop down menu to get instructions for changing your MX records. Log into your host, and follow the steps through completely. Then click on “I have completed these steps” at the bottom.
  2. Once your MX records are official and correct,
    • Go to your Google Apps home page and sign in. Click on “Organization and Users” on the top navigation menu, and then “Create New User.”
    • Add the name and email that you want, and continue to do this for as many emails as you wish to set up (up to 10 with this free version of google apps).
  3. You can log into your email from or from setup section you can create a custom login url like